women of massmma.com calendar

Massmma.com is in the process of designing our first ever "women of massmma.com" calendar for 2005, and we are looking for possible sponsorship for the calendar. To give you a quick rundown, we will have a girl for each month of the year. Each girl will have 3 pics of her for her given month. One will be of her just looking sexy. One will be of her performing some type of submission, strike , or something like that, and the last pic will be of her modeling the gear of that months sponsor. On top of that, there will be contact info (website etc..)for that months sponsor with the pictures. We are also going to have a section on the back page of the calendar thanking each sponsor, and again posting their contact info.

The calendars will be distributed on our website, as well as at local fights.

There are two options to advertise on our calendar. For only $250, you can be the official sponsor for one of the months of the calendar and also be on the sponsor page as stated above. If you only want to be on the sponsor page, or don't reply in time to get one of our 12 months, your investment will be only $50. We are moving forward fast with this project, and I encourage you to get back to me asap if you are interested in being involved with the calendar. As I'm sure you know there are only 12 months in a year, therefore only 12 available. If you have any questions at all, or are interested in the project, either reply to this email, or call me on my cell phone listed below. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rick Caldwell

Director of Content Development




That's a great idea Rich!
And is good for the sport. Sign us up
email me at jacoblowery@msn.com

email sent

TTT's appreciated guys.


Replied TTT

11 months currently available.

Is it wrong that I'm more excited about the submission picture than the 'Sezy' picture?


I'm sure he may be interested.

TTT for more Supporters


Good idea!

Way to run with this one.  We are excited to take this to production by November 15.  Calendars should be ready for distribution prior to the Holidays.

If anybody has women who would be interested in modeling for the Calendar, please contact me directly: editor@massmma.com

wtfp? :)


I'm in!

good idea ttt!

ttt massmma.. you have mail, Rickmassmma, please email me timothyosborne@kyfight.com

Rickmassmma - you will be needing someone for the girls to perform thier techniques on. I volunteer....

Jim de

I'm such a douche bag....I cut and pasted the email I sent to a few potential sponsors, and posted it here, and forgot to include my email address on the thread. Original post has been edited with my email address.

Chris-steve was one of the guys on the email I sent out.

Fabes and bogart have mail.

Jim de-As of right now, we're looking for women to demonstrate the techniques on, but I'm sure a few guys will be needed. I'll keep you in mind.


Guys....if you are interested, or know someone interested in sponsoring a month, either email me, or have them email me right away. The responses are huge so far, as soon as I get the 12 months sponsored, all that will be available will be a spot on the sponsor page. I will not drop one of our original 12 sponsors for a larger gear company that procrastinated. I'd hate to see you have to wait until next years calendar.

I'm down to 8 months available, and it's been less that 12 hours since I sent the email, and posted here.


Jim as a happily married man I'm shocked!!! Now Rick if you need a SINGLE, (and much more handsome than Jim)test subject I will sacrifice my body for this project ;)