Woodley trashes Cowboy

When discussing fighter pay with Johnson on a podcast he says “I’m not going out there and making the same as Cowboy Cerrone, that motherfucker never touched gold in his life. No, its just a principle thing, sometimes when you African American in this game they think you should just be appreciative…”

Maybe Cowboy would have touched gold if he got a title shot off a two fight win streak like Woodley, we will never know.

Here is the deal with Woodley, he entered the UFC on a loss via TKO and then loses to Shields and MacDonald before putting a two fight win streak together that included getting his title shot off a split decision win over Gastelum.

When fighters like Woodley or TJ get title shots off split decision wins it is because that is who UFC wants in the title shot situation.

Woodley had power and thats the kind of fighter UFC will fast track to a title shot over a Shields or a Maia.

What he ignores is Cowboy had to win eight UFC fights in a row to get his title shot. Had to beat Alvarez, Bendo, Miller, Barboza etc… to do it. When Cowboy got his UFC title shot he already had almost twice as many UFC wins as Woodley ever got in his entire UFC career.

Woodley never put together more than a three fight win streak in his entire UFC career and never even had twenty wins in his pro MMA career but the way he spins things is nuts.

Woodley only had nine UFC wins in his entire career but says crazy stuff like fans don’t treat him like they treat GSP because he is black and off the wall stuff like that.

How are you gonna get a UFC title shot off a two fight win streak and still pretend UFC is out to discriminate against you?

Its crazy how Woodley used to scream racism at UFC when they gifted him a title shot as a 5-2 UFC fighter because they liked his style.

They put Maia on the road to nowhere for his WW title shot and he didn’t get it until he was 40 years old and had a 7 fight win streak and you didn’t hear him cry about discrimination towards Brazilian grapplers without big power.


Woodley is a fucking joke. Glad he washed out, black people bitching about race being an issue as to why they aren’t “making enough” in world of forced diversity, in 2024, can go fuck themselves.

Matt Serra talked about the tense first round and how you can get hit with a shot that would knock you out, but could get hit with that exact same shot in the third and it do nothing. That’s woodley’s claim to fame, landing one punch in a tense opening round vs a Lawler coming off some of the hardest and most damaging fights in history and then having a draw and some
Decisions before losing 4 in a row and taking a paid dive by a YouTube guy. Get the fuck out of here being compared to GSP.

Without that punch on lawler, this boring clownshoe would have washed out of the UFC way earlier.



I know Woodley is not relevant in 2024 and there is no reason to bring him up but I just saw a short clip of what he said on DJ’s podcast and could not help but comment on how delusional Woodley is and still distorts things.

I heard he was calling for a 3rd Paul fight, yeah, that will happen, any day now.


Excellent post (op). Post op. Giggidy.

Woodley went 2-2 vs UFC champs in his career and went 9-6-1 in the promotion.

GSP went 9-2 vs UFC champs in his career and went 21-2 in the promotion.



Cowboy was more fun to watch, but woodkey’s peak was simply much much better than Donald’s. He was never champ level, Woolley proved he was by winning the belt and defending it 4 times.


Timing is everything. Cowboy beat more UFC champs in his career than Woodley did. He beat Oliveira, Alvarez and Bendo.

Cowboy put together an eight fight UFC win streak just to get his title shot. The best UFC win streak Woodley ever had was three fights.

Cowboy retired with around twice as many pro fights as Woodley took, his career was a lot longer and he was a lot more active.

I’m just saying, they didn’t have the same career but you can’t really knock what Cowboy did in his prime.

Cowboy had to win 15 UFC fights to get his title shot, Woodley got his off of 5 UFC wins. Its not the same thing.


Yeah Woodley was a turd champion who never deserved his shot. Good for him though, he made the most of his opportunity.

I’d put Islam in a similar category. Never beat anyone ranked to get a title shot and has only defended against a featherweight. Was scheduled for a rematch with Olivera, and will likely defend next against someone old with a ton of hard mileage (Holloway or Gaethje) in Iraq or wherever the fuck “fight island” is and retire after that so the muzzy lovers can lick his balls and call him the GOAT.

Not everyone is a model champion like Izzy who has a long road to the title with a win over the GOAT, wipes out the top 5, avenges his losses and challenges up a weight class. Everyone fans supposedly want but bitch about it when it’s right there…

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lol Woodley flatlined Lawler in the first round. He 100% deserved his title shot and proved it by knocking Robbie’s head off.

Nobody could get around his combination of speed and power until Usman(another fighter ya’ll hate) showed up.


How could nobody get around his speed and power if Nathan Coy and Jordon Mein only dropped split decisions to him in Strikeforce and then Marquart KOed him?

How could nobody get around his speed and power if Shields and Rory beat him in the UFC before he got his title shot?

He got his title shot off a two fight win streak and split decision win over Kelvin.

As soon as he won the belt he fought Wonderboy to a draw.

He had a lot of good wins but the facts are he never got even 10 wins in the UFC and is nowhere near the GOATS of his division or the sport.


Perpetual victimhood is always amusing. Imagine the crying if he was one of the oy vey tribe.

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Fuck porno boy

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Woodley is and always has been an insufferable cunt, he uses his black victimhood card to prop up his delusional view of his career and accomplishments.

He’s a victim with a superiority complex, weirdest combination and just makes him dislikable as they come.

As mentioned in this thread if anything the guy got fastracked to a title shot because he knocked out Kos and stun gun.

Edit* made a mistake calling him strikeforce champ


I hated Woodley ever since that Lawler fight.

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This is rich coming from someone that “worked” with logan paul twice.

He wasn’t strikeforce champ


That’s the problem with bad judging, people forgot he really beat Bendo in the WEC in the first fight. So that would have been the belt for him

He also had a resurgence late in his career, Woodley just went downhill.

Woodley was boring as fuck. All that muscle and explosiveness and still super boring. Just imagine if he WERENT a jacked black guy, and was some doughy ass white motherfucker. He would be the sam alvey of 170, had never won shit, and nobody would have cared about him.

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Him being a black jacked dude who juiced his way to a bodybuilder style physique is literally the only reason anybody talks about him at all. That’s the hilarious part. He didn’t get far given his physical tools, imagine if he were born without those, you know, those physical traits that he says are “keeping him down”

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