Working out in the morning???

How is working out first thing in the morning for you? I heard it raises your metabolism by a lot and helps you burn fat.

I am wondering how does that affect building muscle? If you workout first thing in the morning, should you do cardio, weights, or a mix? If it is a mix, should it be cardio first then working out, or weights then cardio? I heard doing cardio after working out interferes with muscle growth, is that true?

Also, how long should you do cardio for? I been trying different things lately, first, work out, then I did swimming, then today I did the Taku interval training for 30 minutes total.

Should you stretch first also? Or just go straight into it? Should you do it right after you wake up, or would showering and doing some other things first before you work out, as long as you do not eat, be fine as well?


Should you stretch first also?

No. Stretch after. You should warm up first (do some activity that raises your body temperature for a few minutes)

Should you do it right after you wake up, or would showering and doing some other things first before you work out, as long as you do not eat, be fine as well?

I get up, shower and head to the gym. After I get back, I shower, then eat. It works for me. You need to find out what works for you based on your goals.

i usually just lift in the mornings. just lately, i started to eat some nuts, fruit before i get started. as for stretching, i just start off with light weights for a quick warm up and get into my regular routine. i'm not exactly trying to max out each work out either, just trying to maintain.. but i've still been making some gains.

been doing it for a while now and at first it was a pain to wake up an hour earlier but now it's my favorite time to work out. usually feel much better through out the day. works for me anyway.

as for stretching, i usually do stretching exercises about 30 min to an hour before bed. i found it helps me to relax for sleep especially if i had an evening workout that my mind is still hyper from.

I've learned to love working out in the morning.It really jump starts my metabolism for the rest of the day.
Warm up;I haven't done this in a while,and I probably won't.

Stretch;Nope,I usually do that later when I come home from work.

Food before;Nope,doesn't seem to bother me at all.I eat good after I get home and have taken a shower.

Vince Gironda used to say that older guys (past 40)
seem to work out better in the AM, younger guys
late at night. It was true in my case.

After being in the military for so long I must be instutionalized because I prefer to workout in the morning. The day seems better after you get a good workout in. it seems that a lot of it is just personal preference, no scientific theories for why AM is better or the benefits of it, or working out right away when you wake up vs showering/streching first, etc?

thanks for the responses

sets alarm clock for 4:00am

I like working out in the morning cause (like you guys say) it makes the rest of the day better.

It's tough to do if you don't get enough sleep, though.

I'd give yourself at least a 1/2 hour to wake up before you really start... at least this is necessary for me.

so as long as you do not eat, it is fine if you do not go into working out right away then it seems. You can wake up, strechi, do yoga, warrior wellness, whatever you want, before you work out, as long as you do not eat in the morning prior to it?


I've also heard in regards to weight lifting in the morning that it's the best time to lift because your testosterone levels are highest in the morning.