workout songs...

just needed some help finding some songs for training. weather
it be a classic/r&b/rap/rock/etc..i need a song that will motivate a person instantly. Can you help ?

Thanx a lot PO

Hard rock like Dan Henderson's last enterance song (Lunatic Fringe)!

ACDC - back in black, night prowler, thunderstruck. Old school stuff

dropped :)

^^^ I have dropped on my mp3 :)

Aftershock, "Off Limits" --but the whole album is good
Hugh Masakela (Maskela?) "The Boy is Doin It"
excellent uptempo jazz for workouts "Move to Groove"

anything from slipknot

Killing in the Name by RATM

theme song to the karate kid.

Anything from Rocky 4. ;-)

Had a great workout yesterday to some old school Beastie Boys 'Licensed to Ill'.

 I seem to recall a song about about the Young Mens Christian Association...

LOL Snaplocally!

Almost everything from Tool's Lateralus album.

marilyn manson
rock and roll ni**a, this is the new sh*t, down in the park

hero of the day

Watch My Shoes

Stranglehold by Nugent

anything by the Misfits and Danzig.


mexcellent uptempo jazz for workouts "Move to Groove"

more suggestions like this?

I would suggest some good Punk, like Bad Religion, Pennywise, Strung Out or Rise Against...or my personal favourite which would be Sevendust (which is metal but still they kick ass)

NIN - "You Know What You Are?"

"It's rainy men" Spice Girls
"I will Survive" Gloria Gaynor
"Stop" Erasure

'Operator' has a new CD out... called, SOULCHASER! Great tunes for training on that album!