World Cup Results - Thailand?

Props to the Hyena. My new brother on the LEft Side. Really not my brother but my "Fish Bowl Brother" HAHAHA
Peace from NY

hey isreal wassup....ill try to get you a tape of it(but i dont even have it yet)....and i think i won our fight because of the 2 knockdowns in the first.....but if they scored it on the 2-4 was a war we were swinging for the fence........anyway my e-mail is .........."fish bowl brother".....let me tell you guys but then id have to kill ya.......Hyena

p.s. Israel ....i was talking about my fight with Eli from Austrailia......but he got the end.....ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

what happend in the fight with the aussi ? i didnt see it. also, who won the gold in our devision ?

you did a great job against the indonisan guy...

Yo the Hyena is one tough SOB. It was a pleasure to see him fight. After this performance expect big things out of him. Would someone PLEASE give this guy a title shot.

the fight was a great one thaiboxingiz...i'd have to agree with the hyena about the result though. i think the knockdowns are what separated it and remember no draws were allowed so they had to decide even if on points it could have been dead even. the knockdowns were big and would clearly tip the scales. you guys put on the best fight of the day.

now being on the usa team, i'm inherently biased for my teammate, but trying to be objective as possible i could see the scoring 10-7; 9-10; 9-10; 9-10 a draw on paper but the huge first round would still eclipse winning successive rounds IMHO giving Mark the Win.

Scott Clark lost his first fight SO I HEAR

Any details on that fight.
Thanks alot.

I didn't get any but I will post if I get them.

hey Israel.......the fight with the Aussie went like this ....i hit him with a hook and he went down.....when he hit the mat DING the bell rung.....he stayed down for like 20 seconds....THEN THEN THEN THE REF HELPED HIM UP ?!?!?!? then they started the rest period.....anyway the fight went on and he TKO'd me in the 3rd (My head was out of the game and he knocked me down and i was like shit im done) not takin anything away from him he hits like a fuckin mule kicks..........and the next day he fought Bellarussia got hit a couple of times and waved the fight off.....i asked him what happened ....he said he was seeing doubles....i said i would too if i had a concussion the day before...

VISIONQUEST HAS TAKEN THE CORRECT, FRIED IT UP, ATE IT,SPIT IT OUT THEN HIT IT ON THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER-----------------------------------"Yo the Hyena is one tough SOB. It was a pleasure to see him fight. After this performance expect big things out of him. Would someone PLEASE give this guy a title shot. "........................ I want to fight for a big belt it'll be fun as hell " LEt's do it "

i'd like to see the hyena fight for a belt

If you win a BIG belt I might be convinced to give you a shot at "The Primo Piece"

I'd pay money to watch The Hyena in a title fight.

YO !! G-hands WASSUP !! ...and you are invited WHEN i fight for a belt (you aint gotta pay) you just gotta wear one of those sweet masks !
Primo !! look at you brother !! id fight for a big belt before i even thought about goin for the "PRIMO PEICE" thats a pimp belt !

hey mark, how many times have you fought ? whats your record ?

hey thaiboxingbiz.....i dunno you want all the / Closed door no rules stuff / MMA-NHB fights / Smokers / i dont really know ive been padding my record for so long so i could fight the good guys ......i dont even know anymore :) but not that many.........just good fun !

TTT for a title shot for Hyena!!!!!!


I love youz guyz.....

Jules i love you in a different way.... ;)

i hear there are some kissing rules for mma? hyena can you explain them to me? =)