Worst way to lose?

What is the most humiliating way to lose?

Getting rear-necked in 30 seconds

Getting kicked in the head and knocked out

Getting guillotined right before the bell

Getting beat with strikes (ref stoppage)

Any type of body shot that knocks you out

getting caught with something off the wall like a spinning back fist, roundhouse kick, gogoplata, etc....



Not from the list, but-

Flying armbar

Flying triangle

Worst loss is by Melvin Guillard. A Melvin Guillard shall here and now forever be known as losing after running your mouth about how you're gonna kick your opponent's ass and then your opponent rear naked chokes you in less than 1 round right after using you to put on a bjj clinic.

embarrassing = standing guillotine and shitting your pants
disappointing = cut or knowing you are ok with the onslaught of punches but the ref stops it


Via face stomp..

Andrew "Six Heads Lewis", a pro boxer, threw in the towel mid fight because he had to take a shit. http://www.stabroeknews.com/index.pl/article?id=52921860. I guess he didnt want to go th Silvia route, but at least Big Tim got the "W"

maybe being the highlight of a ko reel that the UFC plays every single time they do something

like john lewis/jens pulver

now it's sean salmon/rashad evans

other shit people can forget about

but not when it's played every time something with the UFC is shown

Joe Rogan's loss to Andy Dick by tickle attack. Thread over.


James Irvin is an embarrassment.

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ssun_shreveport127_sport Watch this!!!! Last month my MMA fight; the guy points to his cheek and says "hit me".........you gotta watch the ending!

Actually in all seriousness, I saw a fight several years ago, it was from some Russian event I forgot what it was called. The match starts, one guy runs towards the other guy, trips and busts his arm. Match over.


It is likely any stoppage that you can't claim "I got caught..."

A quick KO or sub is bad, because you got taken out quickly, but you can always say "I just got caught...it wouldn't happen again."

The GSP wins over Hughes were far worse, because it was basically a total domination.  Those types of fights are much harder to reconcile for the guy who loses.

A quick KO.

Like Goulet/Ludwig.

Just a horrible way to lose.

Only way to lose the worst is to never fight.

Verbal Submission
"Please stop, please don't, please... UNCLE"
To badly beaten to even tap...

if i were to be ashamed of a loss it'd be to just have somebody lnp me for 3 rounds and not be able to do anything about it....the worst thing is to not even be able to put on a good show cuz you're gettin dryhumped for 3 rounds


i think losing to a guy wearing a scuba outfit would pretty much suck too.