Would like workout critique

Wondering if I could get a critique of my current workout…

MMA curriculum (boxing/muay thai/wrestling/bjj): 3-4 nights a week, 2.5-4 hours a night (technique/sparring).

Strength and Conditioning: 2 nights/week (about 1.25 hours each session)…on each night…
- Scrapper’s Workout #1 (doing about 90% of reps with proper rest in-between)
- Variation on Taku’s Interval Cardio (5 3-minute periods on elliptical [arms and legs], 75% resistance, sprint for 20 sec, active recover for 10, repeat five more times, active recover for 1 minute, repeat all that for four more times for 20 minutes, active recover for 5 more minutes).

Rest 1 day.

Although I’m probably in the best shape of my life, I feel like my cardio and strength are plateauing (reps aren’t going up, cardio isn’t getting markedly better)…plus I feel like I’m ignoring a lot of agility/coordination drills that could help my sparring.


1) Would like to improve agility/coordination.
2) Not too familiar with free weights/don’t have a training partner for lifting.
3) Hard finding a personal trainer with experience training combat athletes (I’m in Austin, TX, USA), so I could learn how to lift properly.

Any ideas?



you might be overtraining

Incorporate some agility drills such as tumbling, ladders, barrier drills. Some reaction drills would also be benefical quick hand tap, crossover hands, Lying supinated etc.... My new book MAXCONDITION has a wide array of these drills.

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thank you
Coach Hale

Appreciate the responses, guys. Anything else? :-)