Would u do personal protection??

I was asked, by my friend who unfortunately has gotten in to some bad business, to look out for him and act as his pers body guard for a few weeks. I have about 4 yrs of TMA anf 4 yrs of MMA to back me up. I havnt decided yet and it is a good friend...help me out pls!!

Goku's right. What type of threat are you up against?

if it's bad business, do you even need to ask?? Unless of course you have a will made out & your family will be taken care of??

I've done personal security before.98% of the time you are there just to look intimidating and to make the client feel secure.rarely will you have to do anything physical but if it does get dirty go to an army surplus store and pick up a flack jacket ahead of time just in case

If it's punks then shouldnt be too bad. If you even think guns are involved then stay away.

"God made men. Samuel Colt made them equal."

A flak jacket won't help you since it's too bulky and is intended to stop shrapnel, not bullets.

What you want is level II Kevlar vest. It's small enough that it won't be noticed but large enough to stop high powered handgun rounds.

A level III Kevlar vest will stop all handgun rounds and many rifle rounds, but it's impossible to conceal and you will look like you're part of a Swat Team.

If you're doing personal security while armed, you probably need a special permit. And to carry while engaged in personal secuty may be illegal even though you're licensed to carry for self-defense.

A nice new level II kevlar vest can be had for around $300 bucks. I also recommend you look into the level II Kevlar vests with stab protection. Normally bullet proof vests offer no stab protection and at close quarters someone can stab you easily.

I don't recommend you do any personal security for anyone doing anything "shady." Because you are aware of his shadyness prior to the fact, it's quite possible you can be considered an accomplice of some sort. Also there seems a large chance you may actually be killed or have to kill.

Personal protection?

Always wear a condom dude.

...and always wear a condom.

Dougie is right...

If I wasn't married I would be wearing one right now in fact.

Depends on the situation of course, like pointed out above. But in my opinion it also depends on how good a friend it is, some of my best friend I would take huge risks for, but then it would be helping as a friend not being hired.

Exactly. That is why you should always wear a condom.

I swear some people never listen.

I wear a condom 24 hours a day. You never know when you'll get lucky.

Is it laytex with the kevlar jacket?

RickyMMA: I gather you're in the business of protecting people, or just a really crafty salesperson for DuPont?

No, even kevlar can't stop my "shot."

"RickyMMA: I gather you're in the business of protecting people, or just a really crafty salesperson for DuPont?"

No. I'm not in the security business. My knowledge about body armor stems from my general interest in modern weapons. While a lot of people on here train various arts (judo, bjj, sambo, wrestling, etc.) to be able to defend themselves, others train in armed combat.

There are many schools which teach tactical weapons training including low-light pistol fighting, long-range shooting, etc. There are also many unofficial clubs of individuals, mostly former military men and mercenaries, who get together to train with various equipment.

Man, I've been reading all sorts of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum novels lately, and I always marvel about the apparent intricacy of their equipment descriptions.

You're like a real life Jack Ryan, aren't you?

tactical gunfighting is a requirement to truly protect your family. To some, cross training is MMA + weapons and tactics...

I used to read Clancy and Ludlum as a teenager. Very entertaining. Depending on your interest, you can read Rogue Warrior by Marcinko. It's interesting but at a popular level. You can also read some books written by South African mercenaries. They're hard to find and I don't remember the names offhand, but they're certainly the best.

When you read about "American civilians" being captured in Iraq, those are mostly mercenaries. I believe they're technically not covered under the Geneva convention -- not that the Geneva convention is abided by much anyways (for example, all the pictures of Iraqi prisoners being abused by American and British troops coming to light in the last week).

If you have any questions about weapons, post your email address and I will be happy to answer all your questions.