Would you want to see me of TUF 15!?

 as awkward as that may be I will do my best!

 In that case:

UG, we now get behind Matthew Perry for the next TUF.

 PS: We need to get Brian Rule to superimpose Matthew Perry's face to the cast of friends.

Did Dorian try attack the person filming that after you grappled with him? haha jks.

You seem passionate as hell about being on TUF, therefore my answer is yes, I would like to see you of TUF 15.

Hmm, don't know.

Do you have a 'zany' personality? Do you become aggressive and violent when drunk? Are you comfortable with tricking other men into consuming your bodily fluids? Would you be willing to get an interesting hair cut featuring shaved and/or spiked areas in multiple colors? Do you want to be a fucking fighter? Did you have a difficult childhood? Do you have a young family that you can cry about when you look at their pictures?

If you answered yes to all of the above then you would be a great addition to the show.

I heart Matthew Perry! Phone Post

Would love to see an Indy win TUF. Also been meaning to come to Greenwood and train sometime. Good luck with the audition. 

Matthew Perry -
 submission wrastlin!!

Dudes rubber guard was smooth Phone Post

 I want you in general mate. No homo.

For true though I'd like to see you on there mate, those vids were good. As long as you rep the UG though...

I will support you on TUF...

I will support you even harder (no homo) if on every little interview/confessional etc. you only use lines from the classi Rembrandts song "I'll be there for you" which was used as the Friends theme song.


How do you feel about your opponent...

"His job's a joke, he's broke and his lovelife's DOA..."

Why is this opportunity so important to you...

In my career..."You know, I feel like I was stuck in second gear...it really hasn't been my day, my week or even my year."


Application deadline is today so........ Phone Post

You can do it! 

Abe put the stamp on ya! Fuck it, go for it. Best of luck to ya man. Phone Post


I don't watch the show anymore, but I'd watch if you were on it!

I'm down Phone Post

 Thanks guys my application and dvd arrived their at 9:30 this morning so made it on time and Im going out to vegas Sunday to the open call too!!

GA stand up!


No Phone Post