Planet Ink Studios and Wreck MMA are proud to announce that tickets for their inaugural event, WRECK MMA: FIGHTS FOR THE TROOPS will be on sale Tuesday October 13th, 2009 on TICKETMASTER.CA or by calling  (613) 755-1111  (613) 755-1111 . This much anticipated event is headlined by the highly anticipated bout between SEAN ‘THE PIMP’ PIERSON vs. FABIO HOLANDA and also includes Igor Gracie (the first Gracie to fight in Eastern Canada) and local stars like Mark ‘Boots’ Holst, Louis-Philippe Carle, Stephane Bernadel, Josee Aupry, Anna Barone and Nick ‘The Ninja of Love’ Denis.

After a successful stint in Japan, the name of Ronin MMA’s NICKS ‘THE NINJA OF LOVE’ DENIS has been mentioned as a probable competitor in the upcoming WRECK MMA event. At last, WRECK MMA is proud to announce that Denis will be making his bantamweight debut against one of Western Canada’s top 135 pounders in SEAN QUINN.  The fans from the Ottawa/Gatineau area are excited about Denis’ return as he will be fighting in his hometown area for the first time since March 2007.

Also scheduled to appear are fighters representing the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts, Team Bushido Martial Arts, Ronin MMA, NX Martial Arts, Team Shredder and many others of the region’s top schools.

WRECK MMA is looking to place MMA in a positive light, a major focus of the promotion will be charitable work. With this goal in mind a portion of the proceeds will be going to SOLDIER ON, which contributes to optimizing the functional independence of ill or injured Canadian Forces personnel or former personnel by delivering programs and services and facilitating and integrating opportunities that support their full and active participation in physical fitness, health promotion and sport. For more information about SOLDIER ON, visit: http://www.cfpsa.com/en/psp/SoldierOn/index.asp.

Date: DECEMBER 12th, 2009


Sean ‘The Pimp’ Pierson (Ruffneck/Tapstar, Toronto) vs. Fabio Holanda (BTT Canada, Montreal)

Sean Quinn (SIAM Muay Thai & Kickboxing, Regina) vs. Nick 'The Ninja of Love' Denis (Ronin MMA, Ottawa)
Eric ‘Diesel’ Muir (Bruckmann MMA, Oshawa) vs. Igor Gracie (Gracie Barra, Rio de Janeiro)
Alex Sung (Positive Impact MMA/WAMMA, New Maryland) vs. Louis-Philippe Carle (FIT MMA/Zahabi MMA, Ottawa)
Anna Barone (FIT MMA, Ottawa) vs. Josée Aupry (Team Machado/K2 Martial Arts, Ottawa)

Also scheduled to appear are Mark ‘Boots’ Holst, Stephane Bernadel and Randy Turner.


ttt Im glad this was finally announced, its been hard keeping my mouth shut about it.

 I forgot to include your nickname.

Good looking card Alex. It could be a rough night for TINK?

Dont you dare Alex.
Wangbr8kr, i expect that it will be a rough night, but wait and see. I love you anyways you doubting Thomas.

Sean I dont know much about ya, and I do hate to lay doubt. But, Denis is on a very high level of skill and only as of late has it been broadcast, in KOTC he did just what this next event implies, he wrecked anyone put in front of him. He proved numerous times that there were few that could test him. With his recent loss I wouldnt doubt hes coming with a great desire to cut the new streak short. Again, I wont ever say there is no way in hell you could beat him but The Ninja of Love has for a long time been one of my favourties to watch in KOTC and has demonstrated why he is the top of the food chain there. Best of luck, hopefully I can get down there to check out what looks like a fantastic card for a great cause.

 I am definately not going to predict who will win this fight, but I will say that despite his antics here, Sean Quinn was one of the classiest and respectfull fighters I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. He came to fight and was ready to go when he fought Morvan at W1. 

Any promoter would be very happy if he fought on their show.

ttt for me and Tink :)


 Believe me, i am well aware of Nick Denis' skills. I have been a big fan of his for quite some time. This is a huge opportunity for me, and i am very excited to showcase my skills. I am also very capable of beating him, thats why we are fighting. Im sure this will be full of fireworks. Besides, i think i owe him a beer, but im cheap, so if i beat him, he will owe me a beer. Thats all the motivation i needs.

RainbowPants'd - 

PS - Alex if you don't include his nickname I will personally fly to Gatineau and sit on you!

 How big are you? I'm trying to decide if that is worth selling another ticket.

 Actually TINK, I just booked that date on my calendar and I will be there to support both you and Nick. I'm sure it's going to be a great fight, I'm looking forward to it as well as Pimp Daddy back in action!

Best of luck to both of you. Train hard.

Wow!  Tink vs the Ninja of Love.  That's awesome!  (not just for the nicknames either).

 There will plenty of fappin going on, thats a given

 I hope Mr Ninja buys me supper before he tries to play the love game... cuz i aint cheap, OR easy. Well, maybe im easy.

Aw hell, im cheap too.

Le combat de Pierson et de Holanda sera grand! Quinn donnera un coup de pied également le bout!

 I think I'm finally understanding French. Thanks Dougie 

Vous êtes bienvenu.

Dougie - Le combat de Pierson et de Holanda sera grand! Quinn donnera un coup de pied également le bout!

What did you say about my tip??

guardbr8kr -  I think I'm finally understanding French. Thanks Dougie 

Not me. But I bookmarked a translator, just because I like the way Dougie posts.

Good luck to Quinn and the Ninja of Love. I probably can't see this one in person, but hopfully catch it on the Fight Network.

That reminds me... I should pay my satellite bill.

Sean "Tink" Quinn - 
Dougie - Le combat de Pierson et de Holanda sera grand! Quinn donnera un coup de pied également le bout!

What did you say about my " Ninja of Love" tip??

 I'll drink to that