Write me a workout

routine.....i need to lose about 10 lbs. i also would like to tone up again. any tips, exercises i could do?

thanks. i currently weigh 170, want to get to 160.

Lift weights, do more cardio, and eat sensibly.


Doug is very generous, I was just gonna say NO!



the beauty

Here listed is a workout regime that has 3 phase.

Each phase prepares you for the next, and you will
have to adjust your diet based on which phase you are

Phase 1 is a general body conditioning regime of
exercises that increases in intensity based on how you
quickly your body adapts to the workouts. This is
where you will burn fat and gain lean muscle, and
build core strength. You could stay in phase 1 for
eternity and develop a brad pitt look, but you would
never hit your physical potential, and this is about
turning you into a human machine. After phase 1 you
will start phase 2 and put on healthy musclemass on
top of a lean physic. Here will be bodywieght
workouts, jogging, and heavybag work. Diet will be
mostly vegtables and fruits for your carbs, and lean
meats for protien.

In phase 2, you increase your protien intake with
protien shakes, and increase your carb intake to
accomidate extra energy ouput. I do not have the diet
down to the point where I calorie count, I eat by
feel, but I do consume about 220-230 grams of protien
a day now. Phase 2 is a combination of wieght training
and some of the body wieght exercises from phase one.
This is where you will gain your mass, but at the same
time keep your body physicaly conditioned. You need to
have this extra protien to add muscle to your newly
leaned out physic. I am currently in phase 2, and I
plan on doing phase 3 in about 3 weeks. Here is wieght
training followed by bodywieght workouts and jogging.

Phase 3 will be the final piece in my workout. Phase 3
will develop peak conditioning in the shortest workout
time possible. This is where your explosiveness and
strength and endurance will be honed together to give
you an athletic physic that few would beable to touch.
This is excellent conditioning for full contact
sports. This will involve drills, and working out
with minimal rest. Here will be wieght training
combined with bodywieght workouts, combined with bag
work, and finished with sprint drills. Diet will
involve heavy carbs prior to workouts, heavy protien
after, and a whole shitload of water.

First I must say you absolutly need a gym that has a
heavybag. Heavybag work, when done properly will burn
fat, twist all your muscles in your stomach, work
every part of your body, and all around feels good.
Get some good gloves, and any gym that has a heavybag
has someone who uses it. Ask them just to show you how
to hit the bag properly, or you could hurt your
wrists. Dont forget, when hiting the bag, dance
around it. Get on the balls of your feet (the pads
below your tiptoes) and stay loose and light.

Phase 1. First I will discuss diet a little. Phase
one isnt about building mass, so much as it is about
loosing fat and conditioning your body. One problem
with american diet today is that we eat WAY to much
food at the wrong times. We snack because we are
bored, we eat large meals when all we are going to do
afterwords is sleep, or sit around and do nothing.
This just adds to an unhealthy physic and overtime
will cause cardiovascular problems. You can train and
exercise all you want, but if you dont eat around your
training and/or daily activities, you will never reach
your physical potential, and as you get older, your
body will pay the price. After working a cardiac floor
for 6 years, I see that price and I do not want it for
my future when Im 50-70 years old.

For phase 1 when you wake up in the morning, first
thing, go outside and do 100 jumprope. It doesnt
matter if you cant do it in a row, you should work on
doing 100. This will develop good hand eye cordination
and actuall studies have shown that exercising like
this in the morning proir to eating increases your
basil metabolic rate by up to 10%. IE you can burn up
to 10 percent more calories throughout the day because
of this. After this, take your shower or whatever and
make a small omlet of 3 eggwhites, a small amount of
skim milk, veggies, and fat free cheese. Use that fat
free spray for your pan. Have a slice of real good
bread... preferably flax seed bread, or a multigrain
bread. Use smart butter on it. Smart butter actually
is a synthetic butter made of omega 3 and 4, essential
fatty acids that are extremly healthy for you. This
gives you a clean healthy protien source, with good
veggies, light complex carbs and fiber to start your
day. If you work out at a time other than morning,
make a small shake 1 hour proir to your workouts of 1
scoop of Optimium whey protien and skim milk. You can
find this at bodybuilding.com... 5lb tubs are like 23
bucks, strawberry and fruitpunch flavor tastes the
best. For a carbohydrate source have a slice of the
good bread and smart butter. Take a fat burner 30
minutes after eating this meal. Man Scorch or Lipo 6
are 2 of the best on the market atm. These also can be
found on bodybuilding.com 30 minutes after taking the
fat burner, head to the gym and get ready to explode.

At the gym make sure as hell you have a walkman or
ipod. Something that drives you. Start off by jumping
rope 100 times. Pace yourself. After that do squats
without wieght, 20 of them, then do a squat and jump
in the air 20 times without wieght. If you cant do 20
right off, pace yourself. Rest. And work till you can
do 20. Give yourself a rest. As your body gets
conditioned, and burns all the crap you have put in it
for the past years of your life and replaces it with
healthy food, you will find that things get a whole
lot easier. Dont get frustrated, take your time. Tell
yourself you can and will turn your body into
something to be proud of. Dont forget to drink water.

After doing the squats, get ready for the heavybag.
Work it over a period of time totaling 10 minutes. At
first this will really suck, but as you train, it will
be easier. After doing the heavy bag work work, go
and do situps. Thier are so many variations on
situps, that Im not even going to bother trying to
describe them to you. Just go grab a magazine on
health and fitness that discusses ab work, and follow
what it says within reason. Pick 3 exercises you like,
and do 3 sets of 20, or work your way up over time to
beable to do 3 sets of 20.

Then after situps go on to doing 20 normal pushups.
After doing 20 pushups, do 20 wide pushups. Hold your
arms parrelell with your shoulders and spread them out
as far as they can while still being able to maintain
pushup form. Go for 20. Then do 20 pushups with your
hands directly over the center of your chest, hands
spread so its like a triangle space forms between the
place where your finger tips and thumbtips touch.
These will develop the upper and lower chest more than
any piece of wieght equipment you could ever imagine.
If you cant do sets of 20 right off, dont worry. Take
your time until you total 20. Give yourself a rest.
Once you have conditioned yourself to do 3 different
types of pushups in sets of 20, take an aerobic
stepper after doing these pushups. Place this in the
center of your chest. Take one hand and place it on
the middle of the stepper, and use your other hand to
place it on the ground off to the side... as if for a
pushup. Pushup and explode in the air and go from one
side to the other. This is a serious conditioning
drill and will develop power, speed and endurance that
will help you for the next 2 phases of conditioning
your body. Do this exercise in sets of 20,

After doing these, jump rope 50 times, and go over and
do chinups. If you need someone to help you do one,
dont worry, just go for it. Over time your body will
develop the ability to do 20 on its own. Once you can
do 20 normal close grip chinups, switch the grip up,
and do 10 wide grip chinups with your palms facing
away, 10 close grip chinups with your palms facing
you, and 10 medium grip chinups with your palms facing
away. In the early stages of phase 1, after doing
this curcuit once, you should work on jogging/walking
4 miles. You may not beable to jog 4 miles right away,
but jog, walk, jog walk until you finish your 4 miles.
As you get conditioned you should work on doing this
curcuit up to 3 times and finish with a 6 mile jog.
Do these exercises every other day at first, until you
get more conditioned, then do it every day with 2 days

After this workout, take 2 scoops of the protien and
mix it with water this time, not milk. Use another
slice of bread with more smart butter, and have an
apple or orange or some other peice of fruit to go
with it. You should take the protien within 15 minutes
of finishing your jog after your workout.

As a side note, I highly advice buying a forman grill.
Nothing will cook chicken, or any thinly sliced meat
faster than that thing. I like taking chicken breast,
lightly drizzling olive oil on a plate and mixing a
garlic melody with some oregino, and blackpepper on it
(or whatever herbs you feel like using). Then quickly
soaking the chicken on that mix on both sides. Cook
it on the forman grill and dice it up. Its great for
placing on salids.

For the rest of your day use fruits for snacking.
Drink water throughout the day, make salids, dont use
salid dressings... if you need one use a good balsamic
vinigerete... they are extremly low in fat, and use
olive oil as its base and taste pretty damn good.
Avoid complex carbs except as previously stated
(around your workouts) and use vegtables as your
carbs. If you must have some complex carbs (your body
will tell you) make sure its whole wheat sources,
unbleached. Make sure that 4 times a day you have
light meals consisting of healthy lean meats, and
healthy veggies. an example is for supper, cook some
fish up and have zuccini on the side, and a very small
portion of brown rice to the side. Make sure your
dinner is 2 hours before going to bed, and when you do
go to sleep, right before, eat some low fat cottage
cheese, and take a vitamin pill. (lowfat cottage
cheese has some of the slowest digesting protiens, and
will supply your muscles with protien during the night
while you sleep. While you sleep your bodies
absorbtion of nutrients slows considerably, so a
vitamin pill at night is actually used instead of
pissed out). One thing to note, I dont believe in
cheat days... but I do believe in cheat meals. Once a
week, take a meal. Eat whatever the hell you want.
Give your mind a break from all this health food. But
to note, the less cheat meals you have, the faster
your body will start to condition itself. And thier
are plenty of ways to make healthy meals taste good if
you look them up on the internet, or experiment with
cooking. Space your meals about every 3 hours with a
mild snack between on occasion. You will learn as you
go what your body needs though.

Phase 1 is about initial conditioning, reshaping your
body. Phase one could take even a year depending on
your level of current conditioning. Once you are
finished, you will absolutly be impressed with the
body you have worked on. I was on phase 1 for close to
3 months before I decided to move on to phase 2. You
will know when you are ready for phase 2 when you can
do a complete cuircuit of jumprope, squats,
jumpsquats, bagwork, situps, pushups, stepper pushups,
chinups twice and then finish a 6 mile job without
walking. (I do 8 miles, but I love running) Once you
accomplish this, then its time to move on. Of course,
you could aways stay, work variations of your workout
and increase fat loss even more. When I am close to
50 I plan on doing phase 1 for the rest of my life.
Prior to phase one my bp was close to 138/76, hr was
78. after it was 115/70. hr was 56. I got my blood
levels back after phase one, and my triglicerides were
36, norm is 30-120 (going by memory) my cholesterol
was 129, hdl was 63, ldl was 66.

Phase 2

So you finished phase 1, and now your ready to put
some muscle, quality muscle. Its time to switch your
supliments a little. The fat burner is now a thing of
the past. You wont need it. What you do need is BSN
NO-Xplode. Also at bodybuilding.com This stuff has
creatine, gives you good pumps to assist in recovery,
and gets you ready for your workouts. It also has
caffiene in it and whatever the hell it has that makes
it a very powerful energy booster. Your diet is going
to change now too. Phase one was about making you
lean, and ripped. Phase 2 is about adding muscle on
your frame, and you need to eat more to do that.
Again, its not just eating more whenever the hell you
feel like, but when your body needs you to eat. You
will want about 1 to 2 grams of protien per pound you
wiegh as an intake.

Mornings are the same, jump rope on an empty stomach
when awake, but right after take a protien shake, 1 to
2 scoops of the same stuff you were using in phase one
mixed with water. This will immediatly supply your
muscles with protien first thing in the morning, fast
absorbing. You will need it as your muscles are going
to be growing. Go about your day and do the same
breakfast you had before, but instead of one slice of
toast, use 2. Or use real oatmeal, or a similiar
healthy complex carb. Increase your morning complex
carb amount by 2 times the ammount. Keep the rest of
your diet the same as in phase 1. Before you workout
though, instead of one hour before, what you want to
do is 2.5 hours before eat a preworkout meal
consisting of a complex carbohydrate meal. I like a
tunafish, or chicken sandwitch with some lettuce,
tomatoe. Then one hour later eat a protien shake with
one scoop mixed with skim milk. Then take your BSN
No-Xplode and take it 30 minutes before your workout.

When you hit the gym do your jump rope, hit the heavy
bag about 10 minutes for a warm up, but then start
with wieghts. I believe in giving your body 7 days
off for a muscle group, so mondays I work back calves,
tuesdays shoulders and bicepts, wensdays chest and
arms, thursdays legs.

Back day I start off with the warmup, and then move to
deadlifts. I do 5 sets of 5, and once I have my wieght
5 sets of 5, increase it next week 5-10 pounds. Give
your self 3 minutes between sets. After deadlifts I
do dumbel rows 3 sets of 8, and finish with wide grib
pull downs 3 sets of 8, and upright rows after that.
some people bring them to the neck, I bring the bar to
my nose. Then its calves, I like 3 sets of 12, 2
exercises. Always increase your wieght once you can
do the wieght 3 sets of 8, or whatever your rep range
is. Finish the day with your situp exercises,
pushups, and chinups, but only do one curcuit and then
jog 4 miles. Once you get home have another protien

Shoulder day is the same start off as back day, always
warmup that way. SHoulder day do 3 sets of 8 of
standing overhead press, 3 sets of 8 of side lateral
raises, (really focus on twisting the wieght so your
pinky rotates up and your thumbs rotate down when your
wieght is lateral), and 3 sets of 8 of rear delt
raises. (cant think of the name off the top of my
head). With bicept excercise, I do 3. I do 3 sets
of 8 on a preacher curl bar. I like to have my elbows
on the very outer part of the pad, with my hands very
close together. This lets me focus on the inside of my
bicept. After this I do 3 sets of 8 on a standard
curl bar, elbows close to my stomach, wrists far out
to the sides to focus on the outer head of my bicept.
Then I finish off with 3 sets of 8 on the cables,
focusing on moving very slow for a hard pump.

anyway.... thats just something I did this summer that got me lean as hell and strong. I still havent finished writing the rest of my program

Has anyone ever said FRAT on this forum? If not, then FRAT!

Once again a great exercise from toolin. I like you, please post more!

google javorek complexes

I was going to say "no" too, but i thought, "what the hell, ill give him some pearls of wisdom."


im going to do phase 1 for 3 months, il give out my progress monthly.......

Why in the fuck do you want to cut from 170 to 160?

Are you trying to stay in a certain weight class or what?

If that is the reason I can respect that but come on man you can't flex bone!

How about I want to go from 170 to 185 and increase my deadlift, overhead press, and weighted pull ups?

That is a great goal.

i have some extra weight around the waste, im only 5 6. i want to do cardip to be more healthy, nothing about strength, i used to powerlift also, so i know i can get that back.


Okay I was afraid you were over 6' and wanted to get Brad Pitt shredded.

Good luck man.

Check out Dave Tate's training logs over at EliteFTS.com.

He dropped a chunk of weight and used a bodybuilding type of program to get around some serious injuries from powerlifting.

lol, scrapper, you beat me to it