WWE trying to be UFC?

I'm also a fan of the WWE, but I've been noticing quite some time, that they've been using a lot of MMA terms, for example, "Triangle", "Rear naked choke", "Mount" "armbar" "tapout" (which has always been used) and recently they've been using the "Ground N Pound" term a lot.

I'm wondering if they're ripping any of this off from MMA.


I see no problem as long as there not poking fun at MMA!

For example:Armbarf,Ground and hump,Oral leg scissor(triangle)

A lot of the wrestlers are wearing vale tudo shorts as well, and some of them are wearing gloves. They're a bit behind the times though, they should be wearing board shorts.

I noticed the Undertaker wears UFC gloves when he has matches.

The Undertaker is a big UFC fan.

I think you have this reversed.

lol, it could work either way.

Yeah, I read an interview on Boxinginsider.com, where Undertaker talks about how he's a big fan of MMA, especially the UFC and said he'd be interested in fighting.

Also stated in an interview that Randy Couture is the "baddest man ever"

One of the extras on the UFC 42 DVD shows 'Taker backstage in the MFS locker room talking to Matt Hughes... Hughes says that if he was a wrestler, his finisher would be the flying armbar.

shows how much the undertaker knows...not that much

LOL Yeah I did notice Michael Coles slight change in wording it. Ortiz is a fan, or, was a fan of Sean O'Haire, but he's been released from the WWE.

when i first saw the thread title i thought the wwe might of lost 95% of its PPV audience.

that's okay that wwe is doing that because it's more exposure

unfortunately the crowd to which it caters sucks, but ah well

seems like the crowd sucks at every event.

"tapout" (which has always been used)

Wrestling never used "tapout" before the UFC.

Well then I suppose that proves my point even more, I never really kept track of how long certain terms were being used, but it became obvious when they started talking about mounts, "pound and ground" and sure finding a lot more names for submissions.

The UFC is what pro wrestling would look like if it wasn't worked. There's a lot of crossover. Many pro wrestling writers also cover MMA.

Randy Couture IS the baddest man at LHW.

Believe the cup, who was taker in the match with? do you remember?