www.trueprotein.com help needed...

I've been reading about you knuckleheads raving about the site for a long time.

I'm gonna give it a go.

What are you guys using from there? What are your formulas?

I'm going the lean muscle root. Zero desire to gain any bulk.

Any suggestions?

For your troubles.

Try team skip....or if you want to save money you could do the milk protein isolate or if money didnt matter just do the whey isolate cfm 70% and miccelar cassein 30% or just puer 100% isolate...doesnt really matter that much.

Ok, that sounds interesting. Thanks Ryan.


I'm going to oder whey iso cold & whey conentrate. This is my first time ordering from them. Any one has a coupon code you can hook up a fellow UGer with?

KSS444 is the one I usually use.