XFC vs RFC Grand Prix

So with all this talk about how the RFC is such a better production with better fighters than the XFC lets have a Grand Prix.
In honor of the UFC VS Pride Grand Prix lets settle the argument in the cage.

Jason Goodall (135 champ XFC) VS James Adams (135 champ RFC)

The winner of the Jarrod Card- Bruce Connors July 25th fight VS Gilbert Burgos (145 champ)

John Mahlow (155 champ XFC) VS Edson Berto (155 champ RFC)

Then we can put this issue to rest, not to mention the MMA fans in Tampa would love to see these fights!!!!!

i think that would be awsome to watch

 cool idea

RFC 135 Lb Champ, you mean James Austin? Right?

James Bones Austin hasn't fought lately, anyone know why?

James Austin vs. James Goodall at 135Bruce Connors vs. Gilbert Burgos at 145Edson Berto vs. John Mahlow at 155CT Turner vs. Andrew Parker or Chris Baten at 205

Actually Chris Baten vs. CT Turner at 205
Corey Krebs vs Florida King at 205 TJ Cook

What percentage of all fighters ever fight in the UFC or WEC? There are tons of very talented fighters that will never make it to the UFC or WEC that have fought in the XFC and RFC. By having promotions like the one suggested hopefully the sport will grow to the point were it isnt impossible to make a living just fighting.

call up Joe valdez, im sure he would set those up on his next card

CT is 185 now

Derek Schiffer vs. Gilbert Burgos at 145

Shah Bobonis vs. Gilbert Burgos at 145!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the interest in seeing me fight but my body is beat up right now.....I'll be on the shelf for a while.

I think it would be a great show why not have it on HDnet now that the XFC will be shown live on HDnet. I think it cold happen if the RFC would lift its ban on their fighters fighting in the XFC.I suggested those three fights but there are so many more that could take place between top XFC and RFC guys. Lift the Ban.

why dont the XFC let their fighters come fight in RFC if they want these fights.

I agree Gamebred.

The RFC and Joe Valdez would never ban fighters from fighting in other organizations. He encourages to get experience and fight smart fights. The only thing that the XFC has over any mma org in FL is pay. My friend whom I cornered in the XFC was 2-0 and was paid 1000 show and 500 win. That is a lot for a newbie.

One example of guys fighting in the XFC then fighting in the RFC and coming back to fight in the XFC is Frankhard Sharapov. The guy is 7-2 a great fighter if the XFC was going to tell anyone not to fight in other shows it would be him. He beat Dustin Heard at the XFC, then went to the RFC and beat Den Ley. The XFC welcomed him back to fight me. I dont care to reveal what happened in that fight but the point is fighters that fight for the XFC are welcome to fight in other promotions.
Another reason why the Grand Prix should be a XFC event is because I doubt the A la Carte Pavillion would be able to hold the number of MMA fans in Tampa that would want to watch it.

the RFC still has plans to use the SUN dome for its bigger shows

5 weight classes with 4 man tournaments. that would make up 2 cards with ten fights. opening rd is a RFC show, finals a XFC show.WHat do you think?