XFC5 - Complete lineup

complete lineup is up at www.xfc.com.au also the revised poster which is on the streets (FOKI,HEMARA,NOKE) - whatcha think??

Ticket layout is also viewable by clicking on the poster.

As per previous limited cheapies dor the diehard fans through me (SRS seats at reduced prices).



Justin , can you give us some background on Matt JOHANSSON (Sweeden 95kg) ?

Matt is a 3rd generation catch wrestler his grandfather was actually a real life carny! He further has experience in boxing and both freestyle wrestling.

He emailed me as he will (by chance)be in Australia for the show and Ian is super keen to do the old school no weight limit match. had 2 fighters needing matches...

Being a bigger guy myself it concerns me that Ian is ready to do this but he assured me he knocks out bigger guys in the gym and on other occassions;)

Like da old school flava.


will be there.

sounds like a good line up.

last fight sounds gay....no offence justin you know i speak my mind :)

looks like a tomato can for ian to open.....the main event is not interesting!!!!!!!

some of the other are....ie noke v tee paa go matt

70kg v 95kg is not interesting? The thing is post BELL I dont see alot of hands being raised for Ian. I had hoped to get an international 155lber, 1st fell through and time is a ticking.


though that would be the case!!!!!! We all know ian will win, he is in a different class!!!!! and i also think Bell Vs Wild will be good too. And the Nest v robinson too............just the main even lacked excitment

nothing more id love to have had announced PULVER, BANG etc.. V Ian who I believe he has the capability to match.

All in good time kids....

I think Kym V Sam will be VERY interesting.

Someone start a predictions thread.

Jason v brandon is at a catchweight of 73.5kg. Kid just keeps growing!


Bell Vs Wild will be awsome. Bell definitly has the height power(?) and stand up but wild is so good on the ground.

Will be a tuff one.

Will be fun watching Ian's intensity again. Bell was a bit taller and he cut him down.

Kym VS Sam but in MT will be a good one to watch

I really shouldn't be picking winners and if I was doing my job properly every match would be winnable by both parties.

Having cornerred a LOT of fighters against varied opponents and having been around MMA forever.. MMA is about sytles, every fight a fighter has he will always have 1 advantage over his opponent. (If he has none he shouldn't be in there).

Looking at MTP v Kyle, each has superiororities in certain areas, strength being the most notable on Kyles part due to his physicality within his own class. Matt is a 70kg fighter, however, his experience and superior striking make this match winnable.

Someitmes in a fight a lesser fighter (accross the board) with a good head or trainers can capitalise on the one superioirity they have and win a fight. Its like a game of human chess. I LOVE IT!!


Featherweight bout (5x2mins): Trevor FARNELL (Ipswich) V Matt PRINCE (Logan City) ?

Lightweight bout (5x2mins): Dean BUTLER (Brisbane) V John DEGAN (Brisbane) ?

LHW Bout (5x2mins): trent DEBOO (adelaide) V Matty KNIGHT (Toowoomba) Knight

LHW Bout (5x2mins): Sahsa NACHOUKI (Gold Coast) v Ross McDERMOTT (Gladstone) Nachouki

LHW Bout (5x3mins): James TEHUNA (Sydney) v Rocki HUNI (Logan City) Tehuna

Welterweight Bout(5x3mins): Jason WILD (Gold Coast) v Brandon BELL (Brisbane) Wild

Welterweight title bout(5x3mins): Kyle NOKE (Sunshine Coast)champion V Matt TEPAA - Noke

Heavyweight Bout (5x3mins): Mal FOKI v Brad MORRIS (#1 contenders bout) Foki

LHW bout (5x3mins): Api HEMARA v David FRENDIN (#1 contenders bout) Frendin

LHW Xtreme Muay Thai bout (5x2mins): Sam NEST(champ) v Kym ROBINSON (Adelaide) Nest

MAIN EVENT - Special open weight class (5x3mins): Ian SCHAFFA(AUS - 70kg) v Matt JOHANSSON (Sweeden 95kg) Schaffa

I think Robinson can get away with Nest also think Deboo will beat Knight in a close one.
Only fights I know a bit about the 2 fighters.

Deboo trained by Robinson, 1st fight.

Well there you go, one useful post out of 1890 posts, man i'm getting better.

Who ever said all my posts were useless ;)

Mal by brutal beat down 45sec into round one................


Jon Deagan is a close mate and training partner.

He makes up the Trio from Redlands No holds barred.

Shannon Hall, deagan and myself were all supposed to be fighting last FightClub with deagans opponant ducking out.

Hes on par with Shan and me and has been training hard so expect some good allround skill.

Hes a great guy and expect a few drunk south easties post fight.

Will be a good one.

mal and brad will be great, but if you think brad will be beaten in 45 secs by beat down you have been eating too many balinese mushrooms my freind. Soa coulden't, mal won't....... whoever goes into this one thinking it will be a push over for either fighter is sadly misguided.....

Looks like a great card Justin, looking fwd to it!


Is it just me or is that the XFC poster up on fightsport.com

Brad morris is one tough summamabitch!!!!