XFO 2 Card

Is anyone aware of the full XFO 2 Card thats being held at the Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. My cousins fighting and I want to see who else is going to be on the card... Thanks

Isn't it in Fontana Wisconsin?! Who's your cousin? I just wrote a thread about Demian Decorah. I just heard he broke his arm, any truth?

My cousins name is Rory Markham, hes a Team Militech fighter, I know who hes fighitng and I dont know anything about that Damien guy.

Who is your cousin fighting???

I beleive hes fighitng Jason Guida or something like that, and I think he trains out of Gilbert Grappling.

Are you sure! or is he fighting the other Guida? What is his weight class?

Yep Rory is fighting Guida.

Only other 2 names I know that are fighting are Steve Dau and John Paun. Also I think Guidas brother is fighting.

I will check the flyer tommorrow and post the fights or let Jeff know to post the fights:)

I know hes fighting a Guida, hes a Middle Weight, Im not sure what weight this guy is fighitng at though becuase I think he might of had a hard time making weight, so Rory might be fighitng at like 190 or someshit.

It should be at 185


Thanks, I just want to see what other fights are going on that night. Should be a good one though.

Sure is not fightinf Clay Guida?

pretty sure

Thanks for the info on Demian. Is there a replacement for him?

Rory is fighting Jason Guida. I had a chance to train with Rory this week when he was out at Curran's place.

Not sure on replacement last I heard they were still looking but they might have found some one already I will ask tommorrow.

Thanks for the info! Cause I was supposed to fight on this card!

I talked with Rory today. he sounds like hes dialed up and ready to go, Im excited as hell to get the chance to see him in action. He has been a machine lately.

Tai Otoshi how are you fighting?

Who is Steve Dau fighting? He told me a the Ironheart but I forgot.

Not sure :( Last time I asked Steve he was not sure of the name. It is something Davis first name not sure