XKK Chicago Sept 30

We are looking to fill up the card for Chicago on sept 30th. If you are from around the Chicago area and would like to get on a good, professional show. Call me at 612-382-9717 or email me at ngxkk@yahoo.com. I have the main card set and will announce it August 1st. The fight will be at the Marriot in downtown Chicago and we are very excited to get this opportunity come there. Tickets will be on sale August 1st.

Nick Gamst


That is fucking awesome that someone is actually having a Chicago show IN Chicago. The Marriot would be a sweet place to.

Can't wait to see the card, keep us posted bro!!!



holly shit...a show in chicago proper. cant wait for this.



email sent


I think XFO, CombatDo Challenge, Total Fight Challenge and Ironheart is enough shows to keep all the fighters busy in chicago area. For another show to come here will saturate too much. I wouldn't think of going to the city where XKK has a show to put one on. That's their area and I respect that. Oh well, that's my point of view. I wish them luck.

It is cool though that there actually is going to be a show downtown. Not in a surronding suburb...


I personally think the downtown show will have a great turn out.

ttt for as much mma as we can possibly get in Chicago!

XKK has always done right by me, something that can't be said about many promoters. I am looking forward to fighting for them again and am looking forward to going out with them in Chicago (although there is a good chance that there may be resulting arrests).

Nick "the Goat" Thompson

The reason for not having shows downtown too often is the athletic commission. The don't want big hype and they are picky about rules and the way a show is ran. I hope XKK talks to Master Bob just so he can fill them in on certain things. We can't have them do somthing that draws attention. That is one issue. The other is that no one can do shows if they don't make money. Having more another show in the chicago area is saturating the market. People and fighters only want to sell so many tickets each year. I wish them luck, but a call to the other local promoters to discuss dates etc. would have been nice.



They treated me great! What about the show in August in Des Moines??? e-mail me nick or john!


The show is in Burr Ridge, Il actually it is 15 minutes outside of the city and yes Master Bob is on board.



Curran --- Master Bob is 100% behind this show.