Xyience in trouble?


"- In what could end up being a huge story, the word in Las Vegas the last few days is that there may be major problems with Xyience, once of UFC's biggest sponsors. Allegedly, people are being laid off left and right."

It was only a matter of time.....

They just sponsored the Roy Jones PPV. Is Dr. Bryan Alvarez a trusted source?


Holy crap! It's made of apple cores and chinese newspapers!

...Hey, Deng Xiaoping died...

Nice Dougie! "Oh, a gym!"

"Joe Schlub climbs MurderHorn"


I hope this isn't true. There'd be quite a few fighters who get hurt if Xyience goes under.

They just sponsored the Roy Jones PPV.

So did sportsbook.com. Allotta those PPVs advertising often comes cheap.

I hope its not true.  They seem to be pretty good with the fighters/sport.


The word on the net is a couple of African-American workers got shit canned for loafing.

Oh well that shit was over priced anyway. Sucks for the fighters who were sponsered by them tho.

"the gym is highly overpriced as well"


???  Have you checked the price of other gyms??  We're less then 90% of our competition.  How is that highly overpriced?

"xyance is gay"

the politically correct term is "vaginally challenged"

(not that I care, just wanted to post that)

"they just spent $17 million promoting XENERGY, they are not going anywhere, maybe just some lazy workers getting canned."

and lets face it... nobody drinks anything but redbull. it's like advertising RC Cola.

Xyience Training Centre in Las Vegas is the place to go when your in Sin City. That is our second home for Team Tompkins when we're in town. Which is all the time. The greatest fighters and trainers are there.

And I have always felt that you get what you pay for......

Xyience Training Ctr, while you're here, can you shed any light on this report?

I don't know anything about the corporate office.  They put their name on the gym and that's all.  They do not get involved in operations here and I do not know what goes on at their corporate office.

Cool. Thanks.

Then you should go there....