Yo Josh: Stork Arriving?

Heard it through the grapevine that a stork will be arriving at your house about September 14th! Congratulations! Potent! Doesn't get any better than that, aye?

Yeah buddy, it was only approx. seven years ago when stork arrived at my house with a baby girl.

Thats great!! Having kids makes you tougher, because then you want out of the house more to train:)

TTT for pops resnick..


congrats man

CONGRATS to  Papa-to-be Josh.  If it's a boy, call him Dimelo

Having kids makes you tougher, because then you want out of the house more to train:)

Also I know having kids brought my wife and I closer together.
We band together because we are afraid of the kids.

It's all good

...waiting for Resnick to confirm.







Dimelo for a boy and Dimela if its a girl.

"Thats great!! Having kids makes you tougher, because then you want out of the house more to train:)"

its funny 'cause it's true..

Yeah for sure. Johnny Bouchard is coming around a lot more after the birth of his 2nd son last year.

Maybe he will have twins and then he would have Dimelo and Dimela both!

I know a dude that had twins, a boy and a girl. He let his brother name them. First he selected the girl's name as Donise (da-niece) and the boy he named Danephew (da-nephew).

Congrats! So where is pops-to-be?

Ummm, don't forget the major lifestyle change: less dinners out, think twice before buying the next toy, less overnight trips over the weekend, think space instead of speed when buying a new car, evening runs to the grocery for diapers, and every trip becomes a major expedition.

Josh, congrats man!

If he isn't having a kid, he'll have to hurry up and do the dead just to not dissapoint everyone! :)

zulrik, that's the easy stuff!

oh yea. there is a lil Resnick on the way. my wife hates me cause she feels like vomiting all day. =)

1. we have a hyundai santa fe.. easily big, SLOW and safe enough for the ONE child we will have.
2. the only overnight trips i ever take are for judo--and i sure wont be competing anymore come september cause ill be retired.
3. i think im going to stockpile diapers pretty soon. i figure that i could use about 1/2 the garage as diaper storage. =)
4. late night food runs are fine, so long as i get to eat too. =)

oh yea.. names.. if its a girl.. Juneau. if its a boy: Micah, Mason, Maddox or Mitchell.. not sure yet. personally, i wanted Mordachai, but i was given a death threat over that. =)

ps.. for some reason my MMA access was on the fritz so i couldnt reply yesterday.


If I could offer two words of advice from one father to another:

Diaper Genie.

*bows in deep respect to this plastic saint*

I had suggested to Ben when Sky came along to cut up his gi for diapers seeing he wouldn't be needing it any more, but somehow he didn't seem impressed with the suggestion :)

All the best Josh.. I sure you're going to be a great Dad.



Diaper genie.. thats the plastic thingie that you rop the dirty diapers into and it wraps them up in smell-proof plastic baggies?

yea, we be getting one of them badboys. cause if my kid's ass is anything like mine... whew... =)

I say go with Mitchell. Thats just a classy name :)