Yoga question


sadly, it'll take too long to write out, let alone explain.

Nowaydo's description of his training is very similar to mine, but I have my wife coaching me with regards to breathing adjustment to help my bjj.

Here's a good example: I was coming out of plank (basically an isometric push-up position) by jumping my feet toward my hands (so I'm in a toe-touching position).

I had already exhaled all my breath out BEFORE switching to the toe-touching, so I expected to inhale when I got there.

Instead, my wife instructed me to exhale AGAIN. Made no sense.

But later she explained: Even though we think we have no more air left in our lungs, you can always squeeze out one more exhale.

She said that this comes in most importantly if I'm trying to sweep or reverse a position in bjj, and get "stuck" halfway. She said that, from her observations, people can't complete these movements because their exhalations are "incomplete." Squeeze out one more exhalation, and you'll complete the movement.

If you watch any of Rickson's old bjj training sessions, you'll see he'll exhale and exhale and exhale, until he secures the position he desires.

4 ranges I think you and your wife should have a nice little workshop going for the BJJ guy's where are you located.

ny boy:

we did that. Then they quit because they said it was too hard!! LOL!!

I think it hurt their egos too much, frankly. Here they are, bjj badasses, benching God knows how much, but they can't hold a warrior 1 pose or downward dog pose for 30 seconds. Then they see my wife who makes yoga look like nothing.

Well I got into it after seeing rickson yoga routine in choke I have footage of the whole thing that was edited and if it is good for Rickson than it has to be good for me. I started doing rodney yee's yog for athletes and know I am doing Baronbaptiste yoga it is an hour video very hard. I had been doing scrapper's workouts as well it is hard with work doingeverything plus BJJ I used to lift I really dislike it know but I knwo waht you mean all the guys that are huge but they quit doing the yoga becasue it is hard.

ttt for nowaydo's kick-ass yoga routine.

I second that motion nowaydo and 4ranges as well ok I just bout today one of bryankest's video it was on sale for 10 dollars his stuff looks much harder than baron baptiste stuff he did some things that I saw that I was like holy shit.The worst part was how the woman where like amzing doing the same pose the guys wern't even trying the stuff looked very hard but if you achieve it i think it would help a lot for bjj anyway my question for nowaydo is has or have you ever seen anyone use ankle or wrist weights while doing yoga to maybe and more resistance onece the mastered the poses or woud this really hurt a person not that I am thinking of trying it but was wondering for someone that has been doing it for a long time.

This thread has talked me into checking out some local Yoga schools. Thanks for all this great input, this website rules.

nowaydo - is there any specific reason as to why you don't do much floor poses (I do ashtanga and there is lots of it)?

Could you guys give some hints on challenging (strenght-wise) poses for the legs other than the warrior poses. There are plenty to choose from for upper body strength in ashtanga but I want some serious stuff for the lower body.

Your input is appreciated.

You gave some excellent advice Nowaydo, thank you for posting that.

I've practiced several different styles of yoga over the years, and highly recommend it as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. The best part about Yoga is that if you're a thinking person, you can self teach the concepts & progress at your own rate. Here are some links readers may find helpful:

I've never been a fan of Yoga Journal, but this is definitely an excellent resource. This link allows you to chose the specific body parts/therapeutic applications that are your primary focus, & then actually balance them with any physical cautions you have. It then gives you a list of asanas that meet your goals, along with follow up poses. This is a great tool to build your own vinyasas (flowing sequences).

Asana Reference Sites:

Specific Routines:

Ashtanga Yoga:

Bikram Yoga:

Kundalani (Over 40 routines):

Extra tips:

If you chose to take a class, one private lesson with a good instructor is a far better value than many lessons in a large class setting

Don't get 'locked' into a style, feel free to add/modify/change asanas. Progress is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

Once you feel comfortable, experiment with developing your own sequences fit to your needs. There is no magic formula, discover what works best for you

Using 'grease the groove' technique of doing asanas that are difficult in short, frequent spurts throughout the day will do wonders for your progress

The best 'cutting up' routine in my experience is periodic Bikram yoga studio sessions. The practice of doing yoga in 105 degree setting for 90 minutes can do wonders for your physique

Thanks for the inspiration, you guys rock!