Yoshida Will WORK Harder in 2004

lol at the WORK Part thought that was funny.

Anyways can anyne tell me who the japanese baseball players are in the pics

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Some random notes from Yoshida.
Some random things from Yoshida article and interview in SportNavi:

- 2004 training start in Yoshida dojo. Along the new faces two Pro-Baseball players: Yabu (White Sox) and Kawagoe (sp?) (Blue Jays) were training together with Yoshida, Nakamura and Takase.

- Yoshida talk about his disappointment with the two last performances in 2003 (Silva and Royce) He want to train harder in order not to make the same mistakes in 2004.

- Yoshida also told the press he will consider any offer to fight in April?s Pride GP Heavyweight after some training but everything depends on how he feels (no injuries, etc) and Pride offer him the GP spot.

Rest of the interview and points are related to Nakamura and Takase. Yoshida expect them both to have an amazing 2004 year in Pride.




baseball players meaning anyone know who they are. are they big time and why are they training with yoshi

Yoshi has a pretty solid crew.

the japanese baseball players are there just for training i presume and not training yoshi.

That dude on the left with the cauliflower is a baseball player?

No, that is Takase.

Are you looking at the top picture or the bottom picture?

Top is Takase and bottom is Nakamura.

that is a damn cool shirt yoshida has.

Takase is a pimp.

Takase has some HUGE fuckin arms!

cool pics. As always that Yoshida t-shirt is awesome. Been trying to find that, sent some friends to the pride shop in tokyo but htey were sold out.

"Yoshi has a pretty solid crew. "

LMAO!!! you must be jokeing Daju is as Todd Akins says best " tomato Can" his only real big win was over Anderson Silva other than that he sucks donkey balls.

TK he has lost so meny times i dont know why he is still fighting he got Schooled in the fine art of bjj at adcc by JJM (Not thats anything to be ahshame of JJ makes a lot of people his Bitch on the mat)

Nakamura..... can't say to much about him he beat a gracie and lost to BTT member.

I dont know too much more about the other guys but
saying that Yoshida has a solid team is just a Joke.

lol.. Daijyu is reverd in japan as the best no-gi grappler. He chokes up before fights and doesn't fight to his potential. He's a very good grappler and respected by all including genki sudo and mach.

Nakamura is a very talented rookie.

Tk just got a win over the beat Morais, he is obviously an a-level fighter, check out his record.

Yoshida regularly trains w/ baseball players. He trained w/ the Hanshin tigers last year. I guess it's just for physical conditioning.

lol why was TK brought up? he's not even in the pictuers

training in a gym and taping people out in Randori dose not mean a thing they are not giveing it there best.

ive been to Japan and trained at Yuki Nakai's gym and taped some of his purple belts does that mean i'm a good fighter HELL NO it's just training.

LOL "Tk just got a win over the beat Morais"

WOW and Morais fought how meny times this year?

Not trying to piss on yoshida's goal to train harder this year but the guys he trains with are not and i say NOT A level fighters he should train at SK Absulute or the WK network Grabaka would be a nice team for Yoshida to train with but as far as the guys he is working with is A Good joke at best.