You Watching PFL?

Maybe the top 2-3 fights on a Bellator card have more skill. Otherwise I think PFL has better talent. A lot of boring fights though

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 02-58-10 PFL
Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 02-58-54 PFL

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It’s Saturday now? I wish they’d get their days straight

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Straight ? They’ve had events on Wednesday Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays…

do you mean you wish they would always use the same day of the week ? LOL


What time does it start? Mma junkie has it starting at 8am. Is that right?

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I’m not sure. If you go to the pfl website it tells you I think. And they also have a countdown timer going.

I wish every promotion would have that countdown timer. Dumbs it down perfectly for me LOL. No trying to figure out time zones blah blah blah​:rofl::rofl:

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And thanks for the heads up on that. I’m going to check later. Because I never would have thought an early start like that. But it is in England or somewhere

as of right now

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 13-20-17 PFL

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I downloaded a countdown app and it’s surprisingly nice to have. It keeps you looking forward to something, no matter how small or big that thing may be. It’s especially useful when you’re feeling down.

Im mentally retarded with timers and numbers lol. It will take me forever to figure it out

edit im a retard I can just google it


@Acidic looks like 8 or 9am in your hood .


I hear you bro. Some days it’s so hard to find something to complain about.

dont give up :rofl: :rofl:


If I’m gonna complain somewhere about something, it might as well be on here instead of the people I live with :joy:

It actually stems from the fact that there is too much shit all over TV

I hear you bro. It’s either there’s too little on TV. Or too damn much. I’m super fucking pissed either way

Nah. I just turn it off

no doubt bro, I wouldnt put up with that krap either…

so many choices, channels, & interesting stuff on .

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Excuse Me Wow GIF by Mashable


Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 13-21-35 PFL