"youre okay by me now"

on all of these tait and eddie bravo threads, i see many a moron saying "youre alright by me now."  and, i know that you idiots think that such words are a compliment, but really they are a biting criticism which implies a backwards power structure.

first, you are saying that you didnt like the person they were before, which is fuct.  you basically just called them an asshole in not so many words.

but more importantly, you are saying that it was their job impress you or change your mind.  what kind of topsy turvy crap is this?  as if they should be fighting for your approval, and more importantly, as if they should feel redeemed when they gain your acceptance, like the prodigal son.  grow up, losers, and choose your words better.   

the world doesnt revolve around you and people dont give a shit if they are in your good standing

Scott is correct

fans make a sport, if there are no fans there is no sport, you shit on the fans they shit on you, you act like an ass, fans are gunna act like an ass.

CUO = glutton for punishment

fuck you scott

"what kind of topsy turvy crap is this?"

I just noticed the irony in the reference to yourself...

what kind of topsy turvy crap is this?

What?? Its topsy turVy? I thought it was topsy turBy.


Damn no respect, I on't even get a fuck you :(

"OK, let me jot this down in my I don't give a fuck journal." - lmao ;)

CUO = glutton.

These threads are stupid , but yet I always end up reading them .

pgreen, yet you posted on here.

may 12 pangea fights: CUO v. Epstein!
Hold on to your yamulkes kids and dont forget to kiss the mezzuzah on your way out!

Come see who gets thier dradel spun in the fight of the year(5438)!


CHALLAH at your boy!



ps im not arab

which one?