Yuki Kondo beats Sperry

The expected result. Kondo is the man right now in MMA. 60 fights and he has never been KOed.

Kondo vs. Ninja would be an awesome matchup. Both of them tooled Sperry.

Thanks BRO HYMN!

*waits for BRO HYMN's pics*

Wheres Your Father and Semen Technique on this thread? And thanks Bro Hymn for an unbiased account of the fight.

Kondo is a true badass and I would love to see him in Pride. Sperry is another badass and certainly not overrated. He showed balls and tenacity in the Ninja fight and made short work of Vovchanchin when everyone else thought he would just get trainwrecked.

kondo said he wanted silva next.
DSE likes japanese against Silva.

Kondo vs Silva would rock...

Respect to Sperry

Damn! It's not easy to stop Sperry like that.

someone please,i can not put here


kondo hit big knee on this position,

nice to see kondo making a comeback. well, not really a comeback but good to see him start winning some big fights.

I want to see him fight Dan Henderson actually.
I've always thought they were the best of the "small" under-200 lb. fighters.
I think it's a logical fight.

Kondo's on fire !

"If Kondo faces Silva, he will go down just like every other Japanese Tomato can. "

Maybe so . But he wouldn`t be considered a Japanese tomato can like some of the others.

The more Sperry fights the more he will lose. I doubt he fights much longer because he knows it too.

I think most think Kondo is better at 185 (though he did lose to Paulo Filho recently) but in Pride there's no such thing.

Who's good next for Kondo?

What's next for Sperry (subbed Igor, good fight against Ninja, loss to Kondo - albeit on a cut ...)

LOL at Kondo being called a "tomato can!"

If Kondo faces Silva, he will go down just like every other Japanese Tomato can.

- Did Rampage go down like "every other Japanese Tomato can"?

I think Silva would take Kondo out but at least it would be with guns blazing.

sperry was overrated and kondo was underrated. i'm not surprised at the results at all.

nobody at 185 beside henderson would have a snowball's chance in hell with Kondo.

Nobody at 185 can beat Kondo at 185??? Matt Hughes comes to my mind...Kondo can beat Hughes... hah haha aha you make me laugh very hard

well pele beat hughes. its possible, just less likley