Anyone ever try this product or any ZMA products?Feedback please.

It sucks? Why?

What is it for?

I have had good results using Optimum ZMA but I haven't tried the EAS brand. Since starting it a couple of months agot I've had steady strength gains and my sleep has been more restful and I've also have more vivid, memorable dreams. I've also been on a new diet during that time so I can't absolutely attribute my gains in the gym to ZMA but I think it has contributed.

Barry Bonds and Bill Romanowski both give it 2 thumbs up.

ZMA is actually one of few of the many products I've tried that delivers. I get much better sleep and I feel I recover quicker from workouts. You get killer morning wood, through, so watch out.

Luckychucky Did you take the EAS or a different brand?
Is there a big diffrence between brands?

I've tried both EAS and the Optimum brands. As far as I can tell they are exactly the same; their effects feel the same at least.

They should be the same since the ZMA formula (patent-pending) is trademarked by SNAC. Optimum and EAS both state this on their bottles and presumably paid for the rights to manufacture it.

BTW, ZMA was researched by Victor Conte of BALCO labs, the entity behind the whole THG fiasco.

i heard thg works. so does gh deca test. oh wait those are illegal steroids. eas has athletes that are natural. yeah like shannon sharpe. ha ha. brady anderson. oh yeah and creatine and andro work ask big mac.

Do you need to take it everyday or just the days you work out?

Ahh, the monthly ZMA thread. :)

I love the stuff, and specifically I mean the EAS brand. Haven't used anything else though. I take it as faithfully as my daily multi vitamin, and would never do without it.

As a sufferer of chronic morning Ancient Yosimite Sequoia slumber-lumber, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with T levels. It's caused by your bladder affecting blood circulation downstairs.

Couldn't you get the same results from a separate zinc and calcium/magnesium supplement?

4 ranges,

Calcium inhibits absorbtion of Zn & Magnesium. Most Zinc and Calcium supplements contain calcium. Plus, most of them aren't in the right ratio, and breaking pills into 1/2s or 1/3rds is a pain.

Thank you todd. BTW: do you have a link or website that catalogs what supplement inhibits what? Thank you.

"Calcium inhibits absorbtion of Zn & Magnesium."

If I'm taking 450mg Mag and 90mg Zinc. How much of that is "inhibitted" by the calcium? If the answer is something like 10% then you are still left with 405mg Mag and 81mg Zinc.
Hard to believe that the result would be more than that.

The ZMA products advertise 400mg Mag and 50mg Zinc.

The cost difference between one form and the other is substantial.

Saying that calcium inhibits zinc absortion is meaningless unless you can say how much.

4 ranges,

I got my information from a biased source, BALCO (the creators of ZMA and allegedly Barry Bond's steroid dealer). The interview was posted here a few weeks ago.


Th BALCO interview claims that calcium inhibits much more than 10%. I do not know if Comte's claim is true or not, nor do I care. FYI, getting too much zinc is almost as bad as getting too little.

This article says ZMA isn't better than taking Zinc and Magnesium. It points out that taking too much zinc can be toxic.

It says the BALCO study is flawed because the subjects were zinc deficient. Which doesn't make sense, because it then says most people are zinc and/or magnesium deficient and you need more zinc and magnesium when you train hard.

Thank you KWJ. I can now cancel my order for ZMA and viagra. :)