300 work out/diet

I've seen video of some of the work out, but does anyone have specifics- how many days a week each body part, reps, sets, etc?

What about the diet? I heard they ate every 2 hours but that is all I know?

"how many days a week each body part, reps, sets, etc? "

here is where you are wrong. they did full body, athletic routines like on crossfit. Not bodybuilding stuff. they worked out with the guy from gymjones.com.

and i'm sure they used a Zone diet approach.

go to: www.300themovie.com enter the site, look at the bottom under making of 300 and click on video journels.  video number three is spartan training.  Watch it.  You wont see one machine, bicep curl or treadmill in their workouts.  But you will see alot of sprints, olympic rings and a large tire.


thanks for telling me I must be on crack. If you don't have the answer I'm looking for, don't respond to my fucking question.

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here we go again...

prepares for 300 posts

BTW, if you want info on training for 300, check out gymjones.com - Mark Twight was their trainer

bottom line get a top notch trainer specified for this kind of training and listen to him and diet

As a side note:

I have the Men's Health article that Butler did where they talk about his training for the film.

First off, he doesn't look (with t-shirt and sweats) any bigger or harder than the average gym-goer who hits the basic. Even Crossfitters.

2nd, he does talk about working with a bodybuilder as well as the strength and training to make him "look" good.

I have the movie poster with him on it. I will say, compared to watching him on screen, the poster looks very airbrushed.


i read they only ate nuts, berries etc (paleo type foods) post workout, not enough to rebuild, just the amount to replace what they lost, as to get that "scavenger" look

at the gymjones website they post their schedule with detailed exercises, reps, goals, etc. i don't think anyone can get more specific than that.

much of what they do will focus on a muscle group, while not necessarily isolating, and incorporate a wide variety of movements and actions. see the GJ vid ONEPIECE. randomness intensity and variety seem to be the corner stones of this type of training.

don't know about the 300 diet but i'm under the same impression as SJFou.

the GJ site also has several "articles" on the Spartan's on screen makeover. you can find several videos detailing their work and see before-during-after pics of the actors. these pics and vids leave me scratching my head when people take the "it's all cgi/sfx" line of thinking. it's naive to think that the actors physiques weren't accentuated w/ lighting, filters, and yes even some makeup. but, if you have been to the sight you will see

who gets the credit for most of what you see in the movie- ACTORS and TRAINERS.

side note: i have had a lot of fun playing with this type of training. gymjones and crossfit both have smart, informative, and distinct websites. they each have exercises and workouts that can be as unique and challenging as you want them to be and they are rarely if ever boring. have fun looking into it, i have.


Gerard Butler did NOT train with Gym Jones, he hired two personal trainers. The guys who trained with Twight were mostly stuntmen and a few of the cast.

The 300 workout isn't something you do every day, it's a test. Go to crossfit.com or gymjones.com for ideas on how to design your own brutally short and effective workouts.

The diet was Zone/Paleo. Eat 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat but only foods that would've been available to a caveman: meat, game, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. thepaleodiet.com has some interesting ideas and researc (I like reading the literary journal letters back and forth between scientists who disagree)

good info, thanks guys. I realize a lot of it is camera work, I'm just curios to see what they did. I saw Gerard in person well before the movie and he was skinny with zero muscle tone. I figure the training did him a lot of good, it would probably help me sharpen up as well. I'm an advanced lifter.

"Gerard Butler did NOT train with Gym Jones, he hired two personal trainers. The guys who trained with Twight were mostly stuntmen and a few of the cast."

The director trained "300 style" also.

As Todd pointed out, it's an important point to note that the lead actor in the film did NOT train with Mark Twight and crew. It just goes to show that there is more than one way to skin a cat, when it comes to improving physical cosmetics.

IIRC, the director wanted his cast and crew to train/eat together for 2 reasons:

1) To be physically fit for the FIGHT SCENES

2) To create a "gang" mentality that would come across on film.

i've read several quotes attributed directly to Gerard Butler that describe his personal experiences w/ GJ and Twight. these quotes can be found on the GJ site and in a back issue of Men's Health.

don't know how extensively he trained there but he did train w/ GJ. i think it is generally accepted that he did work with others on the overall product/physique. production photos untouched also show Butler to posses a considerable physique before the high gloss finish of post production touches.

see THE CAPTAIN video to see what kind of transformation one of the other lead actors went thru. impressive.

4 Ranges-
I obviously enjoy the GJ and Crossfit workouts and i am
currently having a heavy bias towards their methodology.

but... i couldn't agree more about skinning that cat.

I think there is an important difference between what "looks good on camera" vs actual fitness and strength.

lighting is huge as pointed out. I look GREAT in the mirrors of hotel bathrooms...lol.

So much mnore can be done in post-production.

Also realize that the camera does truly put weight on you. So if you are ripped or lean with tone you will look bigger than you actually are.

i guess Brad Pitt weighed about 110lbs in Fight Club then...

I saw a making off... they looked in good shape also "off" the camera...

The trainer said that he was really striving to have them actually in shape and strong, rather than look like bodybuilders. From the footage I saw, he was training them like wrestlers, rather than models. I was really wondering more about their diets.