ATT: Whole S&C forum

(this is really cool)

School ends for me May 10th, and my summer job begins June 25th.

That means I have a month and 15 days to basically fuck around and do whatever I want. This, of course, means that I will be exercising and dieting hardcore.

I DO have another job which is good for about $100 a week. That eases things quite a bit in the interim.

Now here is my point:

For the next month and 15 days, I would like to be the guinea pig of the S&C forum. My body is extremely reactive to exercise, and I gain and lose large amounts very quickly.

So basically, I'd like the big names on here (Ali, Xen Nova, etc), if they're so inclined, to come on here and lay everything out for me as precisely as possible - hell, even down to workout times, meal plans, and poundages.

If there are considerations, in terms of times I cannot work out (normally Saturday mornings and Sunday during the day), I will bring them up.

But generally, I think that this would be a good sort of thing for this forum. A really accurate arbiter; I have absolutely plenty of time to do whatever, so a lot of other factors can be cut out.

What say you?

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

What I don't have, my gym surely does. I'm renewing my membership this Friday. I'll go Ivan Drago for you fellas.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

Squat 80% of 1RM for 3 sessions a week at 6reps x 5 sets.  After about 4 weeks of this your body should be getting use to it.

I'd like to see someone who doesn't squat like that have a go and see how far they  get.  Correct form and go all the way down also.

And if you could lean to Clean and Jerk also that would be great :D

I'm really biased towards OL style work outs :P

Good luck and see how our training goes!


Any other suggestions, HK?

I'd like to get this nailed down real specifically, and would like the big minds of this forum to reach a consensus; it's a great opportunity to test things out.

Also, with *reasonable* financial breathing room, I could test out supplements.

Adam from Conn; jestem Polakiem

Just start doing bodyweight squats now & we'll check back in with you in a few days to see how you're coming along.

Once you can squat your bodyweight, you can use a broom pole to get more of the feeling of a true squat. Just make sure your mom doesn't mind you wrecking her broom.

Guys, I can squat 375 for 20 reps. I'm not, like, a novice, weightlifting-wise.

However, I would like to switch things up and either see dramatic growth or dramatic cutting. With the schedule alotted, it seems that something very dramatic is likely.

Adam from Conn; jestem Polakiem

We're just joking around. What is your preference, any problem areas you have, or existing injuries?

"However, I would like to switch things up and either see dramatic growth or dramatic cutting."

So you want to either get a lot bigger or a lot smaller? It might help if you could be specific in what it is you want.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

since my name was not included in your list of great conditioning minds i REFUSE to say anthing on this thread.

errr.... rather, anything more.

After my name that is.


Doug, your inclusion is without saying. It's obvious you're an authority on here, Egomaniac.


I have a weak bench and long limbs - my chest & arm areas are very small, compared to my traps, lats, and abs which are pretty big. I am lucky enough not to have any injuries which would flare up over time.

JRS, I honestly could go either way. Ideally I'd like to add mass in the weaker areas mentioned above, and lose in overall fat.

Of course, that's a fool's hope, and next to impossible.

Lately, I have been playing with the idea of starting up boxing. In that case, I'd like to get up to a muscular 220-230 lbs. and then cut to light heavyweight.

There is also a 5k roadrace my town hosts every year at the end of August. I'd like to kick ass at it. I'd like to work on being faster and more explosive over longer periods of time and distances.

And I am tired of going through summers only moderately lean, and shown up by the tiny ectomorph cross country kids at the pool. I want this summer to be different altogether.


Adam from Conn, Silesian Express



Since you have publicly acknowledged my greatness, i shall reconsider my earlier refusal to participate in your thread.

That said, perhaps you should come up to Vermont for a day or two, and i can check out the form on all your lifts. Give you some pointers more easily done in person. Play video games. You get the idea.


If I was eating everything in sight (as the program suggests), plus doing the sprints and the parallettes - what would end up happening? Nothing?

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

Will that help with boxing, running, or physique?

Adam from Conn, Slavic Machine

Man, this is so lame! There's so much potential here!

Dorian, do you want me to eat any specific way, or exactly how the program advises?

Adam from Conn, Slavic Machine


Forgive me for asking since I propbably missed it, but are you trying to cut or bulk up? TTT for later

Basically whatever the S&C forum wants, although I'd rather not lose the definition I have right now.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Express

I think you mentioned it before but do you train BJJ or anything or do you just do wrestling?

I'm not sure about the whole defination thing but you could always start to bulk now which in turn would give you enough time to cut weight so you can stay in the same wrestling class.