Attn: Rosstraining re: You Rock!

well, you do.

I'm starting your 50-day conditioning program.

I didn't sleep much last night, so I figured I would do a half-session today to make sure I understand the lifts, then truly start tomorrow and and go for the full bore session then, instead of starting the program on the wrong foot.

just doing the half-session of Magic 50 got me winded (gotta work on cardio), and I can already tell the routine you set out is going to rock. :)

btw, I am probably getting a pair of Kettlestacks as a gift for Christmas.

can I just substitute appropriately-heavy kettlebells for dumbbells in exercises like the snatch, etc.?

Magic im intrigued, any further info?

it's $30 and worth a lot more than that. The S&C Forum was correct when they said it is awesome!

only "complaint" I have is that Ross is somewhat striking, and particularly, boxing, centric on some things.

this is actually good for me right now because I am doing boxing.

I think the general programs are good, but I'm not sure the punching bag drills are very useful for grapplers, even in the reduced amount Ross recommends.

these are minor complaints, though, as I think most grapplers would have no trouble adapting the work since most of it is pretty general.

A quick mention that in the past grapplers have used boxing as sort of cross training for their competitions. I believe in one of George Hackensmidts books he speaks about this.

Is the book people are refering to 'Infinte Intensity"?

I will have to check it out.

HarryLime -

yes, that is the book!

Ghidorah -

that's interesting.

I'm not a serious grappler, but I just don't see where the carryover is, compared to a lot of other exercises you could be doing (sprawl drills, for instance.)

double post.

Revolver of Reason a correction on my part, it wasn't Hakensmidt but Farmer Burns. Here is an excerpt from Lessons In Wrestling and Physical Culture.

" Boxing and bag punching increases your arm speed and thus enables you to snap your wrestling holds in wit force and quickness".
" I know from long experience that bag punching is a great excercise for physical culture and for training of the wrestler."

ttt for Ross and Infinite Intensity.

I used his 50 day program as an outline and it got me in sick shape for
one of my fights. I supplemented some stuff, added some kettlestack
workouts and whatnot but it wa basically his layout.

lol. Anytime I want to give some of my clients and/or fighters a gut check
I'll have them do the Magic 50. ; )

Ross is the freakin' man!

The Magic 50

Its a great workout, when your pushed for time, especially if you use a lighter dumbell/kettlebell and blast through the entire workout for time.


I'll be starting the 50 day plan on January 1... hopefully it will help me to lose the 6 lbs I gained over the holidays.

A few old time boxers used to wrestle for conditioning as well.

Best time on the Magic 50 for me was 12:13

Kicked my patootie! (But in a "good" way :-) ).

Okay, I'm convinced. I just ordered Infinite Intensity. Ross, I'm counting on you to get me ready for Pan-Ams. ;)


ttt for Ross!

I have both II and NG and both rock! they were very eye opening, if you don`t have them yet.....GET THEM

Weird timing. My friend just started the 50 day program yesterday. He called me at 8pm and said "Dude I'm doing some workout called the Magic 50... I almost puked after the 2nd set!! I had to rest for 10 minutes (supposed to rest 1 min in between sets) before I could do my 3rd set!"

He finished all 5 sets, although he said it was not easy by any means. For the past 5 or so years he's done strictly bodybuilder routines so this is a great change of pace for him.

Wizzle raises a valid complaint. The worse part was that some workouts were after the 50-day program and some before, so you'd be flipping around all over the place. I can't remember if this is true for II, NG, or both.

Still think both are very good books, and I'd recommend them both.

All of the strength/core workouts are on pages 224 through 241 (in order). Conditioning workouts are on pages 150-162 (as they fit in with the content of the chapter).

That's not too many pages to flip through.