Cain Velasquez arrested in shooting

Fuck your goofy man law. When you have kids you follow the law of being a father and its protect your family at all costs. He let his ego control him and ended up hurting his family even worse.

Any real father has had a time he was in a rage and about to do something stupid while your woman begs you to calm down talking about police, going to prison, the kids needing you, etc. A real man realizes the family is nore inportant and stops. The idiot chooses to satisfy his ego and winds up in jail like you and Cain. Sorry, but with your record you are hardly qualified to diacuss “man law”. You cant even follow the laws of society. Lol


Easy to say when your kid wasn’t molested over 100 x. Your quick to not judge the pedo but quick to judge Cain. That says enough of why I don’t need to argue with you.

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Yep your right, the REAL man should just sit back and let his kids get molested, what a fucking pussy.

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Also, lol at any fucking idiot that thinks Cain is going to prison, yes he’s sitting in jail right now awaiting trial and was denied bond but that reason has been established, he told them he would kill him if he see’s him, he has millions put away and no priors, do you even pay attention to crime and punishment in California?


Yes it is. Its easy for both if us to have this converstion since it didnt happen to either one of us. Now say some more things that have no point. :roll_eyes:

And youre not quicknenough to understand a joke when you see one.

Well them shut up and bug off.

He did sit back and let his kid get molested. All this came after the fact.


Yes. I was born and raised in the Monterey Bay Area about an hour from San Jose. He’s fucked. Im not even joking. He is going to do prison time.

Arent you the guy who posted a video of a black guy fighting the cops and told everyone it was jon jones being arrested again? Then when you got called out for lying you blamed it on being tired because you had to watch your two kids? What part of man law is that?

Yeah, Cain’s definitely got it easy in there. Obviously because he’s the most bad ass Mexican next to Andy Ruiz, but also he shot at a chomo. That’s vigilante shit that any convict will respect. I bet the guards are even taking care of him


No it’s just what is expected of you if your bunky turns out to be a pedo. He’s absolutely telling the Truth.


No he won’t. No priors he will get time served and long time probation. I would assume anyway but as I said above the system is fucked.

Yes, im sure it’s all shoulder rubs and blowjobs for Cain in there. :smirk:

I’ve only been in court (in person) once. I’d just got done Kung Fu some motherfucker and the coppers had me. One of em was a proper dickhead. They didn’t arrest me they were gonna take me to a motel 6. I wasn’t happy they didn’t arrest my opponent who started it all. I was voicing my disdain and said dickhead officer was telling me to shut up. So I informed him he was a cunt.

So he wrote me up. I fought it and went to court hired a lawyer, cost me about 3 grand the judge really told me off as well. Said next time he sees me I’m doing time.

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Fucken banned for all club Carlson hotels for life too

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One can hope

Everytime I see you post I can’t get “I offered him Kung Fu” out of my mind. It’s like you go to a store and ask would you like cash, charge or can I offer you king fu instead!

I love Monterey. Wish I could live there.

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I hope Cain gets bail and flees the country

Full time coaching gig w the Kadyrov gym wouldn’t be a bad thought for the guy for sure

Chechnya would suck to live in forever. I guess it would be better than prison but still.