Cottage Cheese

So I realize the health benefits and protein convenience of cottage cheese.

Problem is I dont like it and have tried on numerous occasions to eat..the consistency is also a bit freaky to

I dont want to give up yet! Does anyone have any good recipes or stuff they mix it with to make it taste good?

just eat regular cheese...

I mix it with either green pepper sauce.

Or soy sauce.

Or tabasco sauce.

Or some jam or chutney...

The varieties are endless...

mix in some small pieces of diced fruit, pineapple seems to be a popular choice

 I like it with Peach, its Casein protein from a whole food and has added benefits, get used to it, it will be worth it.

Atecexa - mix in some small pieces of diced fruit, pineapple seems to be a popular choice


Pineapple is definitely the best choice... goes perfect with it

do you guys rock the 'small curd' or whatever choices there are? Low fat? Fat free?

I will try it with pineapple and just suck it up!

" just eat regular cheese..."

1 cup Cottage Cheese
203 Calories
4.4 g Fat
31g protein

1cup regular cheese
532 Calories
43.7 g Fat
32g Protein

heat up a half cup of cottage cheese into a half cup of tomato sauce. yummyyou get your lycopene and it changes the texture and constancy. super yummy

There are also different varieties including a hard curd one more similar to mozzarella

mmmmm, fat...

luwahoo - I had the same problem, the stuff made me gag. I put some grapes and a little Splenda in there and It is actually VERY good.

 Stone this man for using Splenda!!!!!

luwahoo - The splenda was right on the counter, and ya know what? It was pretty good. I use it when I make Popsicles for the kids too.

 Pure cane sugar or honey is great and not really bad unless you overdue it bro, I started to HATE the FDA when I started reading more on artificial crap being "safe" in there eyes.

Yeah, keep the Splenda away from yourself and especially the kids.

as mentioned above diced fruit is key... i like pear the best.

I didnt like cottage cheese too much when i first started eating it.Try a few different brands,organic is always going to taste better.I put mine on fresh tomatos with pepper,so good,tastes like a pizza....or maybe i just havent had pizza in that long =(

a little splenda mixed with peanut butter! delish!

With all of the other options available, please do not weaken our species by sweetening your/your kids' food with chemicals. We have completely lost touch with what food is.

 different brands of cottage cheese have different consistencies.  also watch the sodium content.

I mix Cottage cheese in yogurt, or with flax meal, Brown sugar and banana and or diced Mango.

Splenda in just a sugar alcohol (Sugar molecule with an OH attached), body can't use it but things still taste sweet. My opinion if you are an athlete you can eat sugar especially before, during, or right after a workout. If your wife is fat I don't see anything wrong with using splenda.