Cow's Milk is very bad for you

Anyone disagree?


What if it comes from a chocolate cow?

then it's chocolatey badness

milks bad mmmm K? quiz me and I'll tell you why

But how can something that tastes so good be bad for you. I'm asking the NesQuick bunny.

I've never seen any bad side effects from drinking lots of milk..

*strokes 12 inch udders*

I disagree with that stupid ass statement. Go home.

lol, whats up Coleman?

so whey would be bad then too? Why is it in your opinion?

I avoid taking nutrition advice from people with "Fat" in their name on sheer principle.

I'm lactose intolerant so I would have to agree.

Whenever I drink milk (yes, I still drink milk - I never claimed to be smart), my ass turns into a WMD.

I think that there are better things to eat, but there are definately worse nutritional choices than milk.

it does a body good...

'milks bad mmmm K? quiz me and I'll tell you why"

Considering you came her making a statement contrary to accepted knowledge, the onus is on you to provide evidence for your claims. Saying "It's bad, ask me why," isn't going to change anyones mind.

I consume about 3-4 gallons of skim milk a week. Mmmmm good. There are plausible arguments from both side but I tend to favor the idea that drinking milk is NOT bad for most people.

Wow, I've had threatening posts deleted before but never made a joke so distasteful it got the boot.

My apologies guys.

my (Germanic and Celtic) ancestors have drunk milk for thousands of years and adapted to it.

it didn't kill them.

now, if you come from a place where most people are lactose intolerant, you do have a problem.

Joey- I just don't like to see things spiral out of control... jokes are fine, but when they start taking over a thread, they get the boot. Nothin personal :)

and Rob is correct.