Dana White to Americans afraid to return to work: 'I'll run you over'

Is the UFC boss right, or overstepping?


He’s 100% right.


Fuck those people. I’ve been working OT ever since last March when this all started. Lazy fucks



"I’m willing to risk the health and even the lives of my employees and athletes in order to make money for my bosses. I see this as something to brag about.

Anyone who chooses to be careful and to put health and quality of life above money deserves to suffer. I will try to increase that suffering.

I am a rich, greedy, narcissist who has not the slightest bit of empathy for those I endanger. Murica!"


found the covid true believer ^^^^

I feel sorry for people like you.


“…not wanting to run their business, not wanting to get back to normal and full capacity, I’ll run you all over.”

I think Dana is a toolbag most of the time, but OP is being a disingenuous twat. Dana was clearly talking about other sports leagues, not literally getting in his car and running over “Americans afraid to return to work”.

What OP is doing is far worse than anything Dana said.


Has an Elias Cepeda feel to it for sure.


He is 100% correct. In times like these, the weak seek excuses and assistance. The strong and courageous seize opportunity and capitalize on it. He is strong and courageous in terms of his attitude about his business.


You are an idiot. The UFC is the standard bearer for protecting the health of its athletes with regard to COVID. They bought a damn island to allow for quarantine of fighters and teams in order to allow for fighters to compete with almost no risk of contracting COVID through competition. He allowed his fighters to earn a living when corrupt politicians shut down the nation in order to oust a President.


You’re a fucking idiot


Maybe when you lose loved ones or face long term health consequences from having it, you’ll be a believer too

And here we are 18 months later still waiting to be affected. If it’s so bad shouldn’t we all be affected? I’ve personally had it and know roughly 30 others that had it. 1 guy has long term problems and he weighs 400 lbs. no one I know has died out of 30 people of various ages and health.


It’s a fucking farce. I just had it, it’s arguably better to get it than to wait for that stupid vaccine at least I can go travel now.

If you’re afraid then just stay the fuck home and leave everyone else alone. I have zero sympathy for all these crybabies.


lol you just believe anything you read huh

How did that one republican pass away? Wasn’t he at a rally maskless? I can’t remember help me out.

Good for Dana.

He’s absolutely correct. People can go back to work in a safe way, the UFC is a good example of this. Especially now with the availability of vaccines there is no excuse. I’ve never seen more “help wanted” signs. I even saw a sign at The local Taco Bell saying they had to close early due to lack of staff. Garbage trucks are days late, a town I vacationed in last week didn’t have ice because they couldn’t find truckers. Not the end of the world, but it shows that people are not motivated to work. I don’t see how a trucker is high risk, especially with vaccinations.

Nothing is free. The gov’t payments are like using a credit card to fund immediate needs now for a price later. I agree that gov’t help was needed though, I just don’t think it needs to continue and now is the time to push America to get back to work.

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On the positive, this also an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs. You could get miles ahead in the entertainment and food industries by taking some risk and diving in. If you had a hard time finding employment in 2019, now is the time to jump in find a job.

I am in finance and I’ve never seen so many available jobs. I am interviewing to see what better options there are out there. I’ve never had so many interviews. This won’t last forever, so take advantage of this time!!!

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Found the libtard…

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Yep, worked the whole way through in the UK. Surely you work to eat, don’t work, don’t eat.

I don’t get the mindset that somebody else should feed your family