I’m 55, 5’10", started training when i was 15 and havent stopped.

My weight has been steadily rising since my 30s

Some i can attribute to strength training. i do a full body bodyweight routine 2x a week and its more intense than any weight training i’d done before.

The rest is due to the fact i still ate like a teenager.

The dr challanged me to lose 20lbs and its been a fucking struggle.

Ive finally figured out how to decrease my calories and between that and all the working out i do i have lost 7lbs

The problem is how much to eat between workouts on days when i do 2.

I got a fairly slow metabolism so if i eat too much after workout 1 and do workout 2 I’m nauseous

If i eat too little i gas, my blood sugar drops, i get cramps and generally feel like shit

So what are some high energy quick digesting foods?

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Oatmeal, sweet potato, apple, orange, brown rice.

How quick to digest? 4 hours ish?

Start a food log, write everything down, be diligent. Bananas are my quick recovery snack. Boiled eggs are filling and easy. Also look into smoothies, myriad of combos and recipes.

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Banana or dates with some carrots and celery.

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