foods high in protein

I need a list of foods than I can eat as snacks and for meals that are high in protein and low in fat.


Most Steak,Chicken,Turkey,some fish like tuna, Cheese, Protein Shakes,Protein Bars.

peanuts..peanut butta....beans(burritos)..milk....noodles

Peanuts are high in fat, peanut butta(sic) is high in fat, beans (refried) are high in fat, milk other than skim or fat free is high in fat and noodles are not high in protein and may or may not be high in fat.

illbeatyoazz was kidding about the noodles part, wasn't he?

chicken breasts cook up pretty fast. tuna is cool right out of the can. my partner eats that stuff by the case when he is getting ready for a show. the inside of our squad reaks for months. i'm getting sick just thinking about it.

isn't cheese fatty as well?

wel i dunno how much fat yall r talkin bout but da pnut butta i use is like 6 grams of fat??..whih isnt a whole lot 2 me but im not tryin 2 win body buildin awards but..theres fat free peanuts an fat free pnut butta...skim milk.. is what im refferin 2 an reg milk isnt loaded wit noodles naw im not playin i buy dis fetucini alfredo(or however u spell it) dish an as prepared it has 20 gramz of protein which is more then most protein a bowl of corn flakes has some protein in it with basically no milk protein so thats a nice da way i eat all this an im pretty damn muscular

Egg whites. Albacore tuna. Chicken breasts. Skim milk.

And include those protien bars once you get sick of eating these four all the time.

I'm not too sure about the illbeatyoazz diet, but I hope it catches on, just to see thousands of housewives struggle with a diet book written entirely in slang.

Did someone say pasta had NO protein? I don't see it. But it's not a 'high' protein food. Nor are peanuts. Of course, relative to, say ice-cubes, for example, they are, LOL. But if the basis is total cals: protein cals, those are relatively low-protein when compared to lean meats or lean dairy, certainly, and even some legumes, for the vegetarian crowd.

Fat free peanut butter?
Is that possible?

I've seen low-fat peanut butter ('Peanut Wonder' is one such product you can find at health food stores); fat-free, I'm not sure. If so, they probably de-fat it and then add Olestra or some other anal-leakage agent. Certainly it seems possible, even likely, that someone has done this.

So should I not be making my kids fat free peanut butter & jelly sandwiches?

It's my understanding that Olestra causes funky absorbtion problems of the fat soluble vitamins because the vitamins bind to the wierd fat but the fat just passes through your body. I'd err on the side of not giving your kids fat free peanut butter (if made with olestra that is).
I read in some womens magazine that transfatty acid levels in regular peanut butter (skippy/jif) is pretty low.

well....when i made my post it refferd 2 snacks.....peanuts have 8 grams of protein to every 30 some peanuts eat 60 peanuts ina few mins..16 grams of protein which to me is alot...considerin most meals dont even have 16 grams in it unless ya meals r based on protein....(low fat) peanut butta.. sandwhich wit some skim milk....theres like 20 grams maybe more dependin on how much u eat.....whoeva said noodles(pasta).. doesnt have protein well... i dunno what kinda pasta u eat dawg......those lil chef boy r D..cans of O`s n shyt have like 10 grams wit no ft what so ever a u can eat it out da can in matta of 5 for snacks its all good 2 dinners well jus read da otha speakin on quick snacks..peace

Insects have a ton of protien in them. If you can get over the fact youre snacking on bugs, its a viable source of protien.

Loach, technically the protei contained in an insects exoskeleton is not digestable by humans. Therefore it is NOT a "viable" source of protein.

Damn, eating bugs sounded cool!

Seriously, though, if you guys buy a bag of pinto beans and refry them in just a LITTLE butter, you can have tostadas (easy on the cheese) or burritos no problem. Good protein and almost no fat.

Albacore tuna is great. I think we get enough protein (Americans, anyway), it's the fat content we should watch.

And yes, cheese is VERY high in fat, and saturated fat.

JRS: So I should stop eating them?

Loach, not if it's just for the taste. However, as a source of protein for recovery from high intensity training you could do better...hehehe
Also, the chocolate covered ants are a high fat snack, as are the grasshoppers.