GOAT journalist Andrew Schulz: Tyson Fury is the greatest heavyweight of all time

They were also cruiserweights for the most part lol the average heavyweight is 4” taller and 40lbs bigger than in 1970.

Today’s cruiserweights are also toned with abs. But you might be shocked to believe most of them can’t hang with the real heavyweights

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This site gives a solid statistical breakdown of old school heavyweights KO rates against guys above 200lbs


Size matters. Boxing has evolved drastically on a global scale and there weren’t as many skilled big men back then

Couldn’t agree more about the goat talk. Been saying it for years, let them finish their career… and op is a fucking troll.


"You made a thread saying Vitor had no chance against 60 year old Holyfield when anyone who understands boxing knew Holyfield had no chance based on his training footage. But clearly I’m the low IQ troll :joy:

Mike Tyson who lost to bums like Douglas, Williams, and McBride isn’t beating any top 5 modern heavyweight.

But I wouldn’t expect you to comprehend that after your Vitor Holyfield prediction"

jajaja, so, what you just said were facts distorted to your liking, just like all other “facts” spouted by you on this thread are distorted to your liking. i made a thread about how i thought vitor might be shitting his pants because he went from fighting oscar, a much smaller guy, to fighting a bigger guy and one of the toughest heavyweights of all time. i probably said holyfield would spank him. but THEN, pay attention now, THEN someone told me holyfield was 58. i have no clue why i hadn’t realized he wasn’t that age, but when i was told that i immediately changed and said vitor was going to win. this was all long before they actually fought of course. so i nailed my fight prediction.

so, do you see that? i was told a fact, saw the truth of it, and changed my views to take into account that fact. you should do the same. everyone here is calling you a troll or an idiot because your views on this thread are those of a troll or an idiot. or both jajaja. you can’t understand what i and all these people are telling you because you are low iq. i am very sorry to say that. you should try and listen and learn more and spout stupid stuff less jajajaja…

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oh, and i will not hold the loss of ali to trevor berbick after his prime against ali if you do not hold the loss of tyson to mcbride after his prime against tyson, ok? you are very low iq, it is quite amazing jajaja…

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Foreman’s skills were much improved in his second run. He was working with Georgie Benton and Archie Moore, and became more technical with much better defense, accuracy and control. Much different than the wild brawler who lost to Ali. He also had a granite chin. I’d give him an even chance.

all that, and you left out that he hit like a freight train jajaja… if deontey wilder can almost leave tyson fury for dead i like the chances on foreman doing it jajaja…

I think a lot of you guys forget Mike Tyson in his losses, was not really him at all. He was a troubled soul to say the least. His mind wasn’t on the right place when he lost to those guys. And of course, you can make excuses like that for any boxer who loses, but I still think the Tyson who showed up against Bruno beats any HW in history, including Fury. He wasn’t a boxer, he was an angry killing machine, and I truly don’t believe anyone beats him on his best night.

That’s the reason I think he has to feature in any GOAT conversation


I agree Foreman’s skills had drastically improved in the 90s but he was old by then. If he learned to fight like that when he was younger he’d have been insanely good

Yeah obviously Tyson wasn’t in his prime vs McBride lol but he was in his mid 30s so not comparable to mid 40s Ali with Parkinson’s

So none of mike Tysons losses count because they weren’t really him because I love watching his impressive highlight reel and feeling like he’s unbeatable

Statements like this are why I like to troll Tyson fans

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The primary takeaway from this entire thread.


Yeah I don’t know why you guys give this guy any of your time or energy lol he’s a boxing elitist troll

Wilder doesn’t beat Lewis Klitschko or Bowe.


You can only troll retards dude, and being semi retarded yourself you rarely even achieve that.

You may have started the thread, but we all know here that your knowledge of Combat Sports is minimal at best

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Yep, spinal.

I’m still speaking facts and making points that no one can refute.

Trolling is intentionally pissing people off. Doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

I’ve said above those 3 are in the top 5 toughest heavyweights so they definitely have a better chance than most past heavyweight.

But I favor him over all 3 after what I saw last weekend