Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena (betting odds)

Gordon made Nicky fuck his tranny girlfriend.


No idea. I know nothing on any of this. I wonder if it’s to build his own identity. It’s tough training under that shadow.

But wouldn’t that make them closer as brothers?

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I was watching Nicky roll with Keenan Cornelius a while back on youtube, he’s a little tank. Very impressive. Will be interesting to see how he does in ADCC as he’s obviously going to be competing at a higher weight now.

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his stand up grappling looks very good and fluid

Yup Nickys wrestling looks good. I just worry about him coming off a long layoff due to injury

I hate when guys make me sex their girlfriend.

Everyone fucked her. Word is if you hang around long enough and start to be one of the homies, you’ll get to hit it when everyone’s drinking

With no inside knowledge about Craig Jones, I have a feeling Gordon is a guy where you know where you stand at all times while Craig would sneak around the back door and screw you over. I had a lifelong friend that I knew since high school. I knew I couldn’t trust him and that he would use me as a human shield in every way possible if it served his needs. I went into business with him and we were very good friends for years and years. I just made sure he wasn’t able to get his hands on the money in our business and never counted on him for anything. It’s the ones that act like good guys that ended up fucking me over. I’d much rather a guy like Gordon that tells you like it is at all times.


I find it’s odd that Gordon hasn’t said anything over social media. If he has a problem with someone, he never stops attacking them. But nothing. To be fair, little has been said from the B-side has said very little. Jay Rod said something in one video but pretty minor and short

See Craig seems fairly “normal” compared to bjj guys

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I don’t know him either. But he appears to be the archetypal Australian good guy. He comes across as sincere, funny, and self deprecating. That last point is very telling (maybe more so to Aussies).

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He’s pretty notorious for trying to slide into the he dms of any decent looking bjj chicks with a social media presence.

Only way Gordon loses is he Writes down that he’s winning by a certain thing. And he leaves himself open cause he’s so intent to get that one thing

If you aint trying you aint riding.

Nah hes inlove with Gabby Garcia

Well who isn’t? I mean she’s the woman of my dreams

How tall is Felipe?

His stats say 6’2" but he looked taller than Gordon. Maybe 6’3"…