Had our first Puker!

Last week a guy came in to the gym and we started talking about training. He told me that he had recently purchased Ross' books and that he wanted to start training the way Ross was talking about. I was excited about his motivation and he signed up for class.

Well, we started class yesterday morning and I think he was on the 4th station (Versapulley), when he said "Man, you ARE the devil!"

At 6, we went outside to the ramp that leads up to the parking lot to do some sprints. I looked over at him and asked "hey man, are you ok? You look like you're gonna puke."

"Yea, I think I might...."

He went over to some bushes and left his breakfast on the ground after a few minutes. He walked it off and then finished with a couple of jog/moseys up the ramp.

On the way back to the gym, he told me that he was going to write Ross an email, telling him what an evil SOB I am and that he's going to buy a Billy Blanks tape and forget all this crazy stuff. HAHAHA!

He'll be back tomorrow. ;)


Good times good times....

LOL! Good thing he didn't soil the new gym.

Yes, we were outside when he ralphed.

We do have puke buckets in the gym. 3 buckets have gym chalk, and the rest are for puking. ;)

So is it a test to see who plunges their hands into the wrong bucket first?

We do have puke buckets in the gym. 3 buckets have gym chalk, and the rest are for puking.

LOL! I can see the sign now:

DO NOT puke in the chalk buckets

               ----- Management

Wow...that's awesome. Puking = good training. Keep up the good work.

As a trainer I've always had a sense of pride with pukers.

"As a trainer I've always had a sense of pride with pukers. "

Well, then, you're not a very good "trainer".

Maybe Shooter, sfbjj, and I could hold hands and sing church songs while doing leg extensions and arm curls.


P.S. Shooter: if you're afraid of throwing up due to hard work, make sure you never, ever, enlist for any special services in the military, law enforcement, or engage in any type of training that might force you out of your comfort zone.

Feeling bad, is bad mmmkay?

"Well, then, you're not a very good "trainer". "

opinions are like A$$holes, and you can stick your head in yours. wait did I get that right??

Well, say what you like, it matters not. Anyone can make someone do exercises until they puke. It really is nothing to be proud of and it certainly does not mean you are a good trainer. The general public will fuel that myth of "my trainer is awesome, he makes me puke"...it must be the only measure of working hard right?

Sorry to say I am not a professional crossfitter but a lame ass powerlifter. I never puke so I must not be "training" hard enough, yet oddly enough I continue to get stronger....wierd.

Concentration curls are the shit!! do em till you puke.

"Well,then,you're not a very good "trainer"."

Obviously,that comes from someone who has never pushed himself, by force of pure will, past his self-perceived limits and consequently enjoyed the fruits of his labor with a massive projectile hurl coming from the bottom of your guts.

Poor baby.

"it certainly does not mean you are a good trainer."

making someone puke doesn't mean someone is a good trainer, but a good trainer will probably make you puke at some point if you are training hard enough.

I don't know much about elite level athleticism, but I know Rhadi Ferguson does, and he talks about training so intense that the person you were randori'ing with could forcibly drag you away from the puke bucket and whale on you if you weren't puking enough to justify a visit.

but I'm sure a powerlifter knows far more about what it takes to succeed in martial arts and combat sports than a Judo Olympian and BJJ brown belt.

or someone like SCRAPPER who has fought MMA and designed the PT for MMA fighters.

I'd rather push too hard and get people their money's worth than not push hard enough and rip off my hard working customers. I've never hurt a client and I've made a few of them puke...oh your right I'm a crappy trainer.

Powerlifter...as in "how much ya bench bro?" if so you don't need to work at the same level as would make a fighter puke.

Ralphy showed up a little late today, but finished the circuit strong. I made sure he had the puke bucket next to him towards the end. ;)


"Ralphy" is a reference to prior puking, yes? I mean.... if that's his real name, this story is just too good!

If his real name WAS Ralphy, that would be too classic.

Poor guy. Because I'm guessing that is his name now!

I might have an old "Puke Club" t-shirt for him... another classic -- submissionfighting.com on the sleeve!

You still have one of those shirts?!?! Awesome!

I wonder if I could get some new ones made up...


P.S Oh that's his new name alright. ;)