I let Joshua Fabia go off for almost an hour

Bro…didn’t you hear? White chickens are racist!

I’m sorry but I still can’t get past that part. Just geez.

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What’s the time stamp on the white Chickens part?

Go to about 18:35

its like watching the home videos of the guy who sent bjork that bomb.

just insane ramblings.


Dudus that fuck each others

Diegos off the deep end, Instagram and UFC colluding against him.

“Semantical conditionments of time…”

I think I see what he’s getting at…

There isn’t anything to certify you.

That’s the catch.

He can claim certifications he made his own benchmarks up for and then keep adding them.

He’s a con man and when you look at his early interviews to now you can see how he’s learned to refine his game by using past success/fails to build on.

Normally that is a great way to learn but in this case it’s building on his scam.

When guys come at him they feel the need to “defeat” him or prove themselves superior or right but Fabia has learned how to dodge these and not accept them or spin the conversation to where he wants it.

So you really don’t stand a chance if you engage him because he’s done this so many more times than anyone would normally have done.

Matt Serra was perfect because Matt didn’t care and didn’t want to engage and that is death for someone like Fabia.

You could see Fabia coming at Serra wanting validation and wanted to just argue as that arguing was what Fabia felt would be the validation.

Not being right, just to force Matt to argue and engage and Matt basically said, nope. You’re a loon, now go away.

That’s death to a guy like Fabia because he craves attention.

Fabia is like the boogeyman that just goes away when you realize he only exists when you let him exists or engage with him.

Fabia is like the dog that sh1ts on the floor to get your attention because even bad attention is better than no attention.


Very well put.

At least you could train the dog out of it pretty easily.

Fabia doesn’t want to win or lose when he argues with you.

He just wants to argue and when you engage, he sees that as winning.

His worse nightmare is being ignored or dismissed.


Exactly, there’s no point trying to out as person like this or prove him wrong because he’s so self delusional, like you said, he’ll jus deflect any barbs and continue his own narrative. The only way to deal with this sort of crazy is to hopefully make the followers realise what they’re being taught is bullshit.

Bill nailed it here.

These two are gayer than Ryan Seacrests asshole.

I didnt know i was required to be certified. Let me ask you something. Who certified wrestling? How do I get certified in walking? I have a lifetime of knowledge, experience and movement. How do you certify that? You see, you believe these talking heads and politicians who make money off of the idea of certificates, diplomas and trophies from western bureaucracies, but who certified them to be certifiers? See, you know I’m right.

Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to HandsomeCouch for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particulary glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.

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Yeah, I dont mean like an official certification, more like, does this guy have any history of doing ANYTHING in mma before this stint with Diego

Or is it just a lot of gay naked yoga and. Breathing and bullshit jargon about movement

If I am not mistaken, he was on a rugby team in kindergarten in New Zealand.




If u are a wrestling coach you should be able to either point to what u accomplished in wreaking OR what someone u taught wrestling to did.

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