Jose Aldo has more of a claim to GOAT than Khabib

Just FYI that post was just in general, not directed at you

Styles make fights, if you know you have a guy’s number… Does beating him a second time make you any better?

See you do know he is not the goat. Not even the lightweight goat.


Not getting scratched in 29 fights >>> # of title defences of guys in thin divisions who got gifted title shots early in their careers

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No worries bro

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How does beating a guy mean you have their number? After the first fight with Frankie. Sure Aldo clearly won that fight but who’s to say Frankie couldn’t win the second one? We only say he had his number now because we are looking back at those wins…

Nobody else definitively beat Frankie twice in his prime the way Aldo did. His fights against Benson were both super close.

Ummm Decisively - is having their number

I think Aldo fucks Benson up


Especially when they were both champ

Benson was a decision machine… barely got by Frankie two times.


To elaborate:

Ken should of never rematched Tito.
Tito should of never rematched Chuck.

Joanna should of never rematched Rose.
Colby should of never rematched Kamaru.

I could do this list for awhile…

Are there rematches that make sense? Yea, close fights that not just the judges but mass public opinion knows may have gone either way.

Or one sided domination, coasting to decision and then getting caught. Leon vs usman as a recent reference.

You’re saying a lot of things but none of it takes away from what those fighters did 2 or more times. It’s an incredibly achievement for Max to put away Aldo twice in his prime, nobody else even came close. It’s amazing that Aldo did that to Frankie, nobody else came close.

Facts GIF by Judge Jerry

I would argue that Mr. Gray Maynard came close in their last two fights to taking Frankie out within the first round.

Fight 2

Fight 3

And all the credit to Max during their bouts, but this detracts from Aldo. This doesn’t make Jose look better. He had a bad gameplan the first fight and didnt improve it for the rematch.

Again, I love Aldo. He was one of the most exciting figures in WEC history, had one hell of a title reign, but you cant just pick a segment of his career to make an argument. He had bad losses: knocked out (fucking Conor), 3 TKOs, a submission loss and a couple of decisions.

In short, he lost rounds and entire fights to several guys, he has wins and losses in two weight classes. I give him all the credit in the world for being competitive and dangerous every fight, but he has been outclassed on multiple occasions.

I’m sorry dude but you don’t know what you’re talking about. You seem cool enough but your argument just isn’t good. Your logic detracts from guys like Max, Frankie, DC, Anderson, Hughes, etc… all fighters who are considered some of the best in their respective weight classes.

These guys lost to some of the best fighters of their era. Frankie beat Gray in their trilogy, in the most definitive way, by stopping him. He was never outclassed, he was rocked and hurt. He came back in the second fight and made it to a draw. DC lost to Stipe 2x and DC was clearly past his prime in the third fight. Stipe is an all time great at HW. Anderson has plenty of losses. Hughes lost twice to both GSP and BJ, and none of those fights were particularly close. It doesn’t take away from Hughes’ accomplishments. I have him ranked the #2 welterweight of all time.

It’s unreasonable to discredit a guy’s resume because he has losses. It’s stupid in boxing and it’s even stupider in MMA. All of the guys I just listed are greats in the sport. Khabib and Jones are the only two UFC champs that have never lost. I guess you have a very short list.

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And I thought I could write well, damn.


He’s not entirely wrong.