Just Got UFC 43 &44 on DVD

I got an email saying that mine were shipped today.

Good for you, Rizzo! You'll love them.

Same here Frankie.

Frankie -- I have no idea. Head on over to a Best Buy or FYE though. Best of luck to you.


how is it hangin' man?

In the main event, they replaced each fighters walk in music with standard staple UFC intro music, which is a mistake in my opinion, but it's a small gripe!

Don't judge by the website, Frankie. That's all I can say.

I couldn't pass up UFC 44 for just $13 (Free shipping) at www.deepdiscountdvd.com.


I shall email you, buddy -- and we can talk about Ken all you want ;-)

That's what friends do, buddy! I'd rather talk to you about Ken, than most of the yahoo's I know around here about anything!


Sorry about being inactive on the email end, I was busy working on a writing sample for Marvel Comics. Hoping to possibly, POSSIBLY get a job with them writing.

*prays ericbedwell gets to work for Marvel comics even though I'm  a yahoo*

Thanks, momita LOL

and NO, your not a yahoo -- your a MMA fan! Damnit!

*prays even harder now*

bestbuy.com does have UFC 43, 44 and 45. Try typing in "ultimate fighting championship" instead of "ufc".

Ok, now I am pissed.

The Best Buy in Canada doesn't have the same %$#@ing stock as the best buy in the USA and I can't get the DVDs!

Someone, anyone help me out here! I live in Canada and I want UFC 43, 44, and 45!



Got UfC 43 and 44 for $15.99 today. She scanned both but I know it was a mistake. Didnt say a word. :)

Stinky, where'd you get it at??????????????

Best Buy, sorry.


Thats OK man. Thats what they get for not showing the prelims. Screw best buy. They make a fortune anyways.

But you know what? You was just as pissed as I was about not seeing the prelims. But your doing just what they want. I'm not trying to be an ass. I'm just still pissed about the last UFC.

what state you in Stinkin G? Should I be hittin up all the Los Angeles area Best Buys for the early merchandise???