Learning to do backflips?

Doese anybody know good tutorials, tips or anything? Am I too old at 22 with no prior gymnastic experience.


No you aren't too old to learn how. My friend who is a tad overweight learned backflips at the age of 20. He did a few private lessons with a coach. Wish I could help more.

I did my first backflip at 22.

I believe that the secret is fear, the reason you cannot do a backflip is because you think you are going to fall on your head.

Well, that's the majority of the reason anyway.

I saw a guy at my dojo do 39 in a row and didn't land one.

He still had fear.

Dogbert is younger than me? I never woulda guessed...

Practice practice practice... get an old matress or you will eat shit in the learning process

If you know the basic mechanics and have a reliable spotter it shouldn't be too difficult at all. In person I could teach someone (and I have taught tons) the basic mechanics of a standing tuck. The only thing stopping them after that is either fear or lack of power.
Lots of people learn them off of an elevated surface (much like doing one into a pool off of a diving board) this way power is much less of an factor. In addition you will learn to find the ground and get over your fear. Still if you lack the power you could take awhile to build it up.
Most people that I deal with have the power but need to spend the time to build up a comfort level.
Don't go trying one on the ground alone your first time. Find someone with some spotting experience to make sure you don't kill yourself. It is a very safe trick and if you are doing it correctly and eat it by underrotating you will land on all fours. It would be very difficult to land on your head.
If you have any specific questions I would be happy to help if at all possible.

Ghidorah a standing tuck is different to a backflip.

It is all about 'fear'.

Itis simple to do in reality once you get over it.

I wouldn't advise it without mats as you can do damage to yourself.

But this is how it goes:

Have a mat. Stand at one end of the mat so that the mat is spread out with it's length. NOW SIT BACK as if you were sitting on the toilet. Keep your SHOULDERS above your HIPS. (DO NOT PIKE FORWARDS SO THAT YOUR SHOULDERS ARE IN FRONT OF YOUR HIPS!!!!). Now just JUMP ALONG THE MAT.

Throw your arms backwards.

KEEP YOUR STOMACH tight and legs TOGETHER and go as far as you can this way. Get the feeling right.

You do that a lot of times.

Next step is to do it from a raised block in to a 'foam pit'. This is where a Gymnastics club comes in handy :P. otherwise the next big step would be to JUST DO IT.

I sure as hell wouldn't do it just outside when I was learning. But it is easy after you have learnt how :)

OH YEAH. Another thing WARM UP BEFORE YOU DO SUCH DYNAMIC MOVES. You will bust something if your not use to doing it or are very flexible but I would still recommend to do it!

Back flip: (not that technical imo just 'fear')


Back summy: (lots of height makes it a hell of a lot easier and you need to generate less rotation and good form helps a lot)


Standing front: (not many people do these! = lots of rotation as you can't generate much forward rotation from a stand still)


Gymnastics is sweet. Not been for months due to OL stuff :(. Should go back sometime though...MAN THE OLYMPICS ROCKED. Great to see those guys doing what they do :D


Thanx a lot, folks.

I can do an arial (sp) for those that don't know its a no armed cart wheel. Is that as hard or harder then a backflip. Because of a diving board I can do a double backflip and front flip. but have never had the guts to try them on land. Any pointers would be apreciated.


A back flip is a generic term. I thought he was referring to a standing tuck (backwards flip without your hands touching). If you do a back flip using your hands its a backhanspring.
Back tucks are easier to learn for most men since it is mostly power. While backhandsprings take more technique and less power.

bigbrawler an aerial is harder to do then a backflip (hands touch the floor and then back to feet).

I can also do an aerial :D. Looks very cool.

Well seems to me you HAVE THE skills just read what I said in my post above and watch the video. Notice the SIT BACK IN TO A TOILET then THROW MY ARMS AND JUMP BACK. Keeping my shoulders over my hips and not PIKING inwards (shoulders more forwards then hips = harder to do it).

Just do it in to water. But yeah most of the moves are not meant to be learnt on land! Mats!

Just GO FOR IT but get a few spotters but even then it isn't that safe...good luck.


Surely it can’t all be about ‘fear’ agility and strength comes into it a hell of a lot?

Im going to give it a go! On hard ground too. :(

Wish me luck

Doesn't have a back handspring on it but a host of moves you may like. Has picture/text tutorials and video tutorials.

just click the tutorials link on the left.



Gymnastics is taught as a progression.

Beginners do not start with a back handspring.
And they have teachers spotting them and soft mats rather than old mattresses or a pool.

The teachers even teach them which is a lot better than getting tips off the internet.

First see if you can do a cartwheel, hold a handstand, hold a back arch, do a round off, forward and backward rolls and a front handspring.

Then look for a teacher.

Good advice ed. You never want to get in over your head. In a properly fitted gym one can find tons of tools that can help you learn faster and safer than just in your backyard. An trampoline, pit, crash pad, and mini tramp are all devices that can help in learning quickly.
While it is completely possible to learn without a qualified teacher it may not be the best avenue. Though I have met many increadible acrobats some with litte or no formal training.

It's amazing how many people have an interest in gymnastics. But it's odd that a lot don't seek formal training considering how dangerous it is. They're even willing to learn from me and I'm not a coach, just an ex-gymnast.

Until you develop some body awareness, I would not try a back handspring or standing back tuck as the first trick to learn. I've taught a few people both but I usually make sure they can do the really basic stuff well. If you want to learn gymnastics, just try dive rolls, cartwheels, handstands, straddle jumps, balancing on one leg, that sort of thing. This is like the basics. It gets the coordination up and it's safer.

Gravity doesn't give you much leeway to make mistakes. And most people don't like the impact of ramming their head into the ground.

ya that hurts :(