Lol @ the UFC HW division

I’m talking UFC lol but yeah I’m well aware of Mr Nagatas fights with Crocop and Fedor. He was a pro wrestler too with a following in Japan so that was their entertainment.

Right. Its just the funniest record in mma history if people are aware of how fedor/cro cop were viewed at the time

Fun fact Yuji Nagata was a playable character in the great WCW Revenge video game on the Nintendo 64


Brock fought younger UberReem though, Blaydes fought a much older USADA’ed Overeem. Very different versions of Overeem.

Blaydes is a very skilled and dangerous HW though.

Blaydes wrestled D1 for a year then won a JUCO title and then transitioned to MMA full time. Lesnar achieved a lot more in wrestling.


Bullshit. Ubereem kills any version of him. And modern hws murk ubereem

USADa is what really changed the division let’s face it

Yeh let’s juice up and shoot double legs on a legendary kickboxer for a whole fight. Thanks for all the memories Brock pfft

12-3 in the UFC with wins over JDS, Hunt, Overeem, Olyenik, Volkov etc… Blaydes has already achieved a lot more in MMA than a lot of more decorated wrestlers. Just like Oliveira, Mir, Big Nog etc… did vs more decorated BJJ players.