Monson Speaks Out About Arnolds !!


I am back you pathetic fuck and with a little sleep I am ready to attack your "watered down" version of events and Relson jock riding bullshit.

1. From your own postabove you said "You were told can openers were legal they were wrong. Even if it was Relson, they did have a rules video & the rules on line, refer to those." So, if we were told this, at the official rules meeting, and you admit it here publicly, Jeff wins by submisssion. Please post the updated results to the UG listing Jeff as the winner by submission.

2. Relson openly and publicly manipulated matches at the event. You can try to say this is not the case all that you want but everyone knows you are seeping anally injected Relson juice from your blabbering mouth. Relson interfered, on multiple occassions, in my match with PDP and then openly contradicited Leo Dalla's decision, more than once, in Jeff's match with PDP. No matter what type of BS spin you put on it, everyone that was at the event knows the truth and you look like even more of an ass (if that is possible)the more you try to defend him. Grow some balls,gargle the Relson juice out with listerine, and tell everyone that Relson was wrong and the rest of the fucking tournament was shit and you may earn a small amount of respect back.

3. The tournament is about money and from your full on onslaught to defend it I am betting you are cut in on the action. Are you really tying to sell the line that the event is about JJ after the way every single competitor was treated at the event and the way the Pro's were publicly violated ? Bullshit. The event is about Relson and $, and I am sure that he is laughing all the way to the bank. However, I can assure you that this will be the last year that happens. Your pathetic fucking tournament will suffer the wrath next year and Brian can ref the match between you and Relson's cock, that is if Cooper will let it go.

4. As you said "I(t is not the tournament director's place to question a ref". Good, then Monson wins by submission as was Dalla's original determination. I am glad you finally admit that. Maybe we are finally getting somewhere.

To close, you can make all of the fucking excuses you want, defend Relson relentlessly, and try to deflect criticism by comapring the event to other events but in the end, you are just a groveling little shit who is trying to run interference and salvage the remnants of an imploding event.

Wade Rome

Brian can ref the match between you and Relson's cock, that is if Cooper will let it go.


Too bad that Monsen didn´t get thrown in jail for his blatant assault on a ref...

I am sitting here reading all of Wade's posts through tears. No- I am not sad about the event...I am laughing so damn hard that I damn well might piss myself! Wade, you are the funniest guy ever! The way you present facts is awesome!
TTT for the ATT and the "Purveyor of Truth" Wade Rome!


Money ruined the Gracie clan a long, long time ago. So very sad.

wade defenatly has a good sence of humor

ROFLMAO! Damn, yet another reason to love ATT, sarcastic (and truthful) bastids like Wade! TTT for Wade's truth telling.

Jeff's reply is all fine & dandy but where the hell is the apology to Leo Dalla ?

No matter how mad or frustrated he was it was still a bullshit move to TOUCH a ref. esp. one trying to be rational and professional.

It suprizes me that so many of you do not even flinch at the fact that Mr. Monson attacked a referee who's call for all intense purposes was correct, class act? absolutely not. Mr. Dalla was fair enough not to press charges which would have been within the law. The rules were posted on and indicated at both official rules meetings 5:00 and 10:30 pm that the use of the forward or backward cervical crank was not allowed. If an athete taps due to an illegal technique the competitor being attacked illegally is awarded the victory, it would have been the same if Mr. Monson had heel hooked or knee barred Pa De Pano. The focus should remain on this issue. I did not see Mr. Monson and for that fact many of the Pro fighters at the rules meeting. If I were fighting for $3'500 I would have been there. Leo Dalla's decision to award the match to Mr. Pano was correct as outlined by the rules. The Wade Rome issue I can not comment on, I will have to see the fight video. If as many of the spactators indicate, Wade won on points (takedown etc) then the correct course of action is to award the prize money to him. All of this name calling and personal bashing has no place in a our sport. Lets focus on the issues and keeping moving forward not backwards. Please comment.
Garth Spendiff (Arnold Head Ring Captain)
Relson Gracie Savannah Chapter Head Instructor

Sounds like the root of all the problems are the shitty rules. No neck cranks, heel hooks or even knee bars in a "pro" division. Give me a break.

Entertaining post by Monson, but neither 'good' nor 'classy'. Classy would have been an apology to Dala and everyone caught in the altercation without any attached complaints, excuses, or justifications, no matter how compelling. That would have been classy.

Still, damn entertaining, if not for the black eye both the tournament and the fallout give the sport.

Omaplata posted:

"I have a lot of respect for ATT. I have gone on record a number of times sending love to that team for their contributions, and level of professionalism.
That being said, I can not condone Monson's attack on the ref. From all accounts people say he is a real nice guy. And I believe it to be true. But he has a history (on more than one occasion) of losing his temper when situations get heated. Taking a swing at Arona during ADCC finals because Arona was slapping his neck hard, taking off his clothes at the ADCC, and attacking a ref....."


I totally agree with you but I think the incident with the Arona slapping @ ADCC was with the Russian wrestler Barkalaev (spelling?) and not Monson. I've heard about him stripping down @ ADCC but not sure what it was all about.

Most of the PRO's make their living competing and or teaching and if there like me they have other day to day jobs that they depend on the survive. The idea behind the rules is to protect the fighters. Stay within the rules and win the fight by dominating your opponent with good technique, that's the concept. If a competitor is interested in winning the contest they must know the rules in and out. A national vote on prpoer rules i9s the next step, we should compete under the rules of the majority, this will stabalize alot of the problems we are all having in both amatuer and pro tournaments.

I was not their at that point, but Relson flew to Savannah 2 month before the tournament to solidify the rules and he made it very clear to me that the move was illegal.

Sorry Garth, I hear what your saying but I respectfully disagree. I agree that heel hooks and neck cranks are more dangerous and should not be allowed in the other lower divisions, but not in the divisions where there are two "experts" competing for money... even Abu Dhabi allows heel hooks.

No one can convince me a knee bar is more dangerous than an arm bar. To me the whole "no knee bar" thing is just silly, it takes away a whole slew of techniques and really doesn't make the competition safer. Have you ever seen anyone seriously injured by a knee bar? I have seen lots of people seriously injured by arm bars because they didn't tap. Should we ban all arm bars? How about chokes?

I'm not trying to be a smartass (for once), but how safe can you make a game where the whole premise is to make the other person give up through pain or threat of a joint dislocation or unconsciousness via choke?

GS.. I have no clue what Relson told you in Savannah.. but in the rules meeting he specifically said that the can opener is allowed to open the legs, and had to be released when the legs were unlocked.. and even himself, participated in the visually demonstrating what could and could not be done. According to what was discussed in the rules meeting.. Jeff broke no rules.

Sucks cheating dirty banna peeler!

"People don't really make $ killings at tournaments
. This years Arnolds had 1300 competitors. "

1300 people @ $100 a pop.....

Yea...there no money there. Whose in charge of the books? Don King?

It doesn't matter what the "rules" say if the referees each make up
their own.