More knowledge Ryron/Rener or Danaher?

Cool. I have a couple of their instructionals that are in my que. I have to get through a few others first.

I think you’ll like them. They give a ton of detail without being overly verbose and their English is excellent.

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Awesome. I’ve got Gui’s Understanding The Distance From Top, and, Understanding The Distance From Guard. I was optimistic that they’d be good videos and you’re making me more so.


I also recommend Rafa’s Armbar Master Class. It’s expensive but has changed a lot of how I do things with the armbar. And it’s got a ton of great content. It’s on AOJplus

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Thanks for the recommendation. I have Danaher’s Enter The System Armbars insructional. Have you watched that one? If so, do you prefer one over the other?

Compare and contrast? :grinning:

Yes I’ve seen Danaher’s armbar one. I liked it. I’m still getting through Rafa’s but it’s awesome. The Danaher one is great but it’s all no-gi oriented, which is fine but I train in the gi as well. Rafa’s teaching style is less lecture and more down to earth, more conversational, and the footage of him rolling and applying the armbar in matches is jaw dropping at times. My favorite Danaher armbar material is actually in a section of Feet to Floor 3.

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Yeah, Danaher is my favorite instructor but most of his material is nogi, and most of my training is in the gi. That’s just the schedule at my school. I wish Danaher did more gi instructionals.

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His Feet to Floor stuff is gi. It’s really good.


Awesome. I have it but haven’t watched it yet.

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John bounced before his knees were crippled. He supposedly used to hold pads at Renzo’s years ago. I wouldn’t use him as my striking coach but when it comes to grappling for MMA and wrestling against the wall there is no one even close to his knowledge level on the entire planet.

It’s also kept very quiet but he’s beat up quite a few people in the streets of NYC before you had 100 cameras on you at all times.

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And Rickson is 400-0.

I’m sure he can defend himself quite well…but I don’t believe all the stories and hoopla. You ask my students and I’m a world beater too.