Nurmagomedov says a GSP fight was the ONLY one that interested him before retirement

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Dana fucked up not making that fight.

He didnt want GSP retiring with another belt but Khabib and GSP both said they would do it at catch weight with no belt on the line.

This is another time Dana’s ego fucked it up. He is still mad about GSP leaving the FIRST time then again after Bisping.

2 million ppv or more gone.

And GSP would 100 percent beat the shit out of Khabib.


Probably a good thing he retired then


In GSP’s prime, sure great fight.


I originally shat on Dana for not making the fight, but both GSP and Khabib are on record admitting to being difficult during negotiations “I want it, I don’t want it, wait no, I do want it… no, I’m retired”. Everyone was playing chicken, trying to get the biggest pay check. Everyone involved already has enough money that no one had incentive to push HARD for it. Sucks for the fans.

Also, Khabib came out as a terrorist supporter which probably didn’t help. Hot potato.


Khabob would lose, he would get eaten alive if GSP was in his prime. Khabib wasn’t interested in WW because he would have had to fight guys his size that he couldn’t bully or overpower.

He doesn’t want Usman because then he is 29-1


Already a thread on this

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Id bet my house and motorcycle that gsp could roll out of bed and fuck habib up. He is one dimensional.

GSP is one of the smartest fighters ever who was damn near impossible to take down and he faced WAY WAY better wrestlers than habib ever did and he is light-years ahead in striking AND mma wrestling.

I dont think it would be competitive at all. It would look like GSP vs Fitch.

Fitch would have smothered Khabib.

GSP fought mostly larger guys. Khabib the coward fought smaller guys.


Yes Khabib is a coward. Are you fucking retarded or inbred?


Yes. Both. And I am still cuter and smarter than you, faggot.
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Khabib would demolish GSP.

His grappling was lightyears ahead.


Did anyone ever take GSP down?

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How do you think his striking compares?

GSP’s chin and striking defence was not nearly as good as Khabib’s.

Khabib’s been in there with much harder hitters and better strikers than pitter patter Georges.

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Who is the best Grappler that Khabib fought? And do you think they are better than GSP?

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