🤭 Oliveira turned down immediate rematch with Islam

Before the Volk fight

Eagles got these boys shook :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Any “Oliveira fans” want to defend this or were you all just Khabib GOAT haters (rat Conor fans)?

I think he should have taken the fight he was crazy not to.

I wonder if 'mentally prepared ’ just means he usually goes on vacation before a fight camp. I think he’d still be wrong but at least the mindset or ritual would be defensible.

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I wonder if the guy wants to reinvent himself after that loss. Admittedly theres a pretty big difference between 1.0 and 2.0 with that guy. What would 3.0 look like?


Hes a sniveling coward.

He’s not at Islam’s level and never will be. His only chance in the first fight was a lucky punch and it would be the same with the second fight, but he definitely should have taken it. With all the talent rising in the LW division, it may have been his last chance.

Right move imo. Charles Fought twice in 2021 and twice in 2022 all those fights were wars. A small break can’t hurt him


Change your name to do France you coward.

I’m as big of a fan of Oliveira as it gets but he got thoroughly beat and there’s no reason to think a rematch would go any different. He probably knows this himself; knows he needs to improve before trying again. That’s not cowardly, just realistic.


Exactly this


Fuck the UFC for trying to force him into another camp so soon just to have a Brazil headliner. At the championship level fighters need time to recuperate and rethink their game, just look at Vadim Nemkov compared to his first fight with Corey Anderson.

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Realistically though. what can he possibly improve on at this stage of his career to help him close the gap against Islam?

It was like I said, he had a punchers chance in the first fight, and a punchers chance in any follow up fight, and not a particularly good one in either case.

This rematch may very well have been his last chance at the title as well. There are a lot of good prospects coming up.

I genuinely don’t believe they would have made that fight.


Many dozens of fighters have turn down fighting Islam.

He will maul everybody and be a dominant champion, I called this several years ago on these very forums.

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Charles gave up to a heard and arm choke. He definitely needs some time to get his shit together and get his mind back in the game.

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I called



Has anyone ever banked so hard on a fighter in UG history as I did with Izzy Mack?


He got completely dominated. He wasn’t champion long enough for this to warrant an instant rematch anyways. If Charles wants a break he deserves it. There is so much talent in that division that any other matchup would be just as fun.


It’s not a matter of getting his shit together. Islam is just leagues ahead of everyone else unfortunately. If anyone is going to beat Islam it will be Volk or a go in the lower ranks that hasn’t gotten a shot yet. There are so many extremely talented young fighers at 155 lbs that are being held back by the gatekeeping going on at the top of the division. Tired of seeing the top 5 guys in their 30’s only willing to fight eachother.

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What rising talent?