Prime Ken Shamrock vs Rickson in Pride?

not going to go into lot of detail but the Franklin fight he slipped on a invisible banana and acted ( very badly ) also he could have gave a much smaller Rich a good fight To me one of the most blatent works Ive seen The Kimbo fight Ken took him down legid had the sub talked let go then was KOed To me obvious work The Berry fight he wasnt even touched and again fell to be KOed All the he faked getting knocked down and all 3 in first round .

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also in the Berry fight Berry was the homer and imo obvious dive

just watched the Berry fight again and thats the worst and most obvious dive ive ever seem

if u think the Franklin one looked obvious this is the worst Ive ever seen Ken wasnt touched and falls to the ground terrible acting too

WW are you posting from a PC?

If you are just click on the Youtube video and copy the “copy video URL at the current time” and paste it in the reply box.


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dont want make myself sound dumber than many think i am but not sure what u mean URL at current time But thank you for posting .Il give another try later

While on Youtube after you bring the video up to play,you right click on the video and it gives you that choice.

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First time a berry stomped a man

Why would he dive to Berry? Betting against himself?

Well if Ken needs money he can take a dive like Bob Sapp. I wonder why mma figjter has the record for dives?


Looks like the left that slipped through stunned Ken before the right that looks like it hit the glove.
Ken looks like he kind of winces and might have been on his way down just before the right.

Ken does have some weird looking knockdowns.
He also broke his neck in HS, reinjured it in WWF, and has the fused disks.

You guys don’t think it’s possible those injuries contribute to Ken getting dropped and even kind of freezing up at times when he gets hit?

Look at the Sakuraba fight.
That was weird looking too.
If Ken wanted to sell a knockdown, he wouldn’t turn his back then complain about the stoppage.
Something happened physically that caused Ken to turtle up – and we have seen him take plenty of big shots without reacting that way.

I’m no doctor.
But I’ve had a few stingers that momentarily fucked me up and I probably looked weird when it happened.
I’m not necessarily saying Ken is having stingers when he gets hit – but maybe something similar is going on.

We know it didn’t take much to rock Ken later in his career. We have seen similar things with other fighters past their prime.

Again,I don’t know anything for sure

But I’m not convinced Ken just decided to take a bunch of dives in winnable fights late in his career.
Where is all the big money in that?

I’ve seen a lot of guys get rocked or dropped with glancing blows that don’t look like much.
It doesn’t take much movement to cause that “whiplash” effect. And for some for fighters that button gets really sensitive later on.

I think there is more here than meets the eye.

Ken has said it bothers him that people think he was throwing fights, and that he really wanted to win. He also said something about it being tough on his family.

I don’t know man…

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it was in Berrys hometown in England and not many saw it Watch it

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kens an actor and would try sell it thats what he does The Berry fight was a dive I didnt see the Sakaraba fight Ill watch it later.kimbo beating ken helped Kimbo gain big noteriety at the time Ken let go of the choke he could have finished him and the Berry fight work would not fly in UFC or any current big organization

I just watched it and was commenting on the slow motion replay.

Ken and his camp officially disputed the Sakuraba stoppage and filed a complaint.

He wasn’t selling anything.
Something weird happened and he recovered.

I challenge you (or anyone reading) to approach this subject from my line of observations regarding the neck injuries and other things I mentioned a couple posts ago.
Try and erase your pre-concieved beliefs and really see what I’m saying, if only in the interests of debate.

This is all stuff I observed as it occurred, in real time, over years.

I’m not saying I’ll change your mind.

Just suggesting that you honestly look at the other side of it, and gauge the possibilities for yourself.

Whatever was going on in his personal life I think shamrock would of beaten all those people he lost to in the second half of his career except Tito, the first Tito fight may have knocked some screws loose I don’t know

I could definitely see it being a possibility. Plus just being older with all the excessive wear & tear. I messed up my neck in bjj & that’s why I ultimately stopped. I don’t even have anything broken or fused so I could imagine it causing a lot of issues.

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Prime Shamrock beats any version of Tito.

And yes, I think prime Ken beats all the guys he lost to in the end – but not taking fights at LHW.

He definitely wouldn’t have kickboxed with Rizzo.

I keep saying it… But beyond his crazy personal life – people really don’t understand the extent of his injuries.

Have you read the Snowden book?

Pride definitely had the ref stop the fight at the first opportunity available, they made a big deal that Sakuraba had been training with chute box and now had better striking even though it looked the exact same and it was so obvious it was an very early stoppage

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