does anyone know how good you can get?

from my years of wrestling i have seen alot of good strength gains from pullups, they work the core well and are awesome for stabilizers.

are there any advanced variations etc.. that anyone on here does?

grab the bar with alternating grip and pull your head up to the opposite side every time.

straighten your legs out in planche position. 

rosario01 - Check out a book, 7 weeks to 50 pullups

i'm up to about 30 BW pullups, weigh about 190.

i do all type, close grip(hands touching)Behind the neck(not good if you have bad shoulders) and of course, weighted.

I do a lot of other rowing movements(BB,DB, etc)

all that work probably has a bit to contribute to my gorilla-grip I imagine. and as a result of the grip work, i can deadlift more, my clean workouts can go a lot longer becaus ei dont have to worry about the grip failing.

Fast Pitch - 
rosario01 - Check out a book, 7 weeks to 50 pullups

iPhone app too.

I just downloaded it. Gonna check it out.

learn to kip. converts pullups into a compound, functional full body exercise.

I like doing them them while doing an L-sit good for the abs too.

ultimatestreetfighter - learn to kip. converts pullups into a compound, functional full body exercise.

In before shitstorm :P

Has any body ACTUALLY achieved 50 pullups using that program?


Working on it now...we shall see.

neospartan, back when i was in my prime when i was still wrestling i could do 50, not using that program tho. i always did them as part of a cicuit and never focused much attention on them solely so i never got really great. I can do 20 bw ones with my palms facing towards me close, but i can only do 12-13 when i face palms out close together and about 15 when i use wide grips palms out.

I have really high goals with my pullups. I want to be able to do 3-5 one arm dead hang pullups within 6 months, i have access to a full gym pretty much every day.

Leigh - I only do weighted chins but they are fantastic.

hmmm, what weight do you use, and what is your workout?

sets, reps, days on/off etc... i looked in to weights but i don't think its beneficial when im still at about 20 bw pullups.

thats pretty impressive, btw what is your body weight?

nice, ty for respones, did you work you way up by increasing reps or increasing weight? also how long did you train up to that point and what was your training schedule like in terms of days on/off, sets/reps etc...?

Argh. I only seem to add one pull up per month. Being doing it for 9months. I can manage 10 first set, then 6, then 5 sloppy ones. I weigh about 15.5 stone, think that's about 210-220lbs. If anyone has any tips to boost them... Fire away (other than loosing weight!) Phone Post

thx, yeah that is a great schedule, looks light but im assuming strength training isn't your primary focus and that doesn't include other weight workouts.

the biggest problem i have is that im pretty tall and really long arms, so its harder to get past the initial pull stage from the hang than any other part of the pullup.

how do you do weighted chins? with a belt? vest? dumbell between legs?

I forget which country it was but the national gymnast team (males) did sets of 100!!! Not that kipping shit either.

^damn, the most i have seen in a video without kipping is 40.

im sure people can do more, but i haven't seen it.

 i could do 50 + when I was in the suck. run pullups swim, repeat was the answer.

war olskool