Rockhold offered return fight against Sean Strickland - Dana

Seems appropriate. Rockhold with a big name and a former champ. Strickland with a good win streak and headlining recently. A win would be big for either guy here and it seems like both guys are known as monsters in the gym.

“I think Dana’s trying make it harder than it has to be, obviously just because of my outspokenness on different things,” Rockhold told Submission Radio. “But this kid Sean has been offered (to me). So, I mean, they’re trying to do something. I haven’t heard any dates or anything like that, but that is something they’re interested in. And yeah, let’s do it. I mean, he’s not the most … he took a ranking, he did his thing, but he doesn’t help himself in any way, shape or form with his style and his performance on mics.”


They both come off like douchebags on the mic IMO


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It’s funny Rockhold is saying these things about Strickland because he said the same about Jan then got KTFO.

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Strickland is top 10 so he has no choice but to fight him. Luke is fucked if this is 5 rounds, if 3 then he has a chance to take him down in the 1st, probably lose the 2nd and squeeze a win in the 3rd.

When is the last time Rockhold has looked in “top form” though?

He’s sexy as fuck and in shape but doesn’t fight like he hasn’t that brain damage thing. CTPD whatever it’s called.

Sean “I need to kill someone in the cage or I would be cooking meth in the trailer” Strickland

Interesting fight, hope it happens.

Having trained with Sean….his ground game is his strength and always has been. He just hasn’t showed it recently and he likes to strike but even he knows he is a grappler.

Bisping mentioned this on the broadcast. How is his wrestling?

It’s not bad but it’s not as good as his striking and bjj

He didn’t grow up wrestling

Yeah I figured this much when he insta agreed to grapple with Osito in that video that went viral.

Osito is lucky Sean didn’t beat the living shit outta him when he tried to injure him but then again 3-4 guys would have probably jumped Sean if he started lighting him up.

What incident was this? Link?

Official UFC 268.


He can’t strike for worth a damn.

who Sean?

dude he beat the living shit outta Hall who is technical and has power.

I know people are still pissed about that video with Osito and how Sean told keyboard warriors he would beat them up in front of their kids if they said that to his face but feelings aside he is a legit top 10 in his division.

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Luke is such a turd lol. He was getting so mad while they ask him about bisping and trying to brush it off. He’s just a pompous ass. I do think he can win the Strickland fight. Not if he comes in with his hands down thinking he’s unbeatable though