to many apples??

i have been cutting starches out of my diet this last week to see what kind of weight I can lose in a week....since I was not eating my normal carbs I started eating lots of apples usually about 3-4 a too many apples? I know there is sugar in apples but it is a natural sugar....all my carbs this week has been fruit and is to many apples a bad thing???


3 or 4 a day probably isn't that bad. apples also
have a lot of fiber which will make you feel fuller.

yeah i notice that.....

no one eats apples?

If you're training hard, I wouldn't worry about a few apples. If you're up to like a dozen a day.. you may want to think about it. But 3 or 4 shouldn't be a problem.

ok cool thanks

You will keep 3-4 doctors away

This reminds me of the time some fool was trying to argue that carrots and some other vegetables (non-root ones even) were bad for you.

If you have an apple. Eat it.


i was just double checking.....sometimes on here someone comes on and would say something like;

"apples will make you fat casue the sugar is candoglygomic and if you eat more than 4 a day you will most likly die before you are 30"

since noone said that I will continue to eat many a apPle....


this thread is foolishness, almost as much as mcadams "too much veggies" thread.... I' feel proud that I train with both of you!


yeah...the more i read it the more I can't believe I actually created this was early this morning when the thought came to me......

I eat THE MOST apples on here bar non.

I eat 5-7 EVERY day. I hit about 35-40 apples EVERY week. Have been doing so for the past 4yrs of my life.

I'm pretty lean and it has done me no harm. If you train and are active go and eat as much fruit and veg as you want. It can't do no harm. Also get varietya lso. Oranges, bananas, pears, chinese pears, grapes etc.

The sugar content is natural and you will be be alright with it. Remember you are 'active' and not a fat bitch.


Apples are cool, but calories are calories. If your eating a surplus of calories, whether from apples or snickers you will not lose weight.

thanks for the input guys.....except Chad, he sucks

i beg to differ on Koing's "not a fat bitch" comment ;)

How is that so C-Hamzeh? :p

Go do some exercise and eat some apples!


HeangKong, are you eating all of those apples in the form of apple sauce? I am having a hard time imaging someone eating 5-7 apples a day.

Seriously 5-7 apples eaten a day. No apple sauce.

I eat a lot of fruit and vegetable in my day. Not just apples but I eat everything else that I have.

I'm from an asian background and fruit and such was and is cheaper then chocolate and junk food (crisps, biscuits/choco stuff etc). We are better off now but I am still hooked on what food I eat.

Dinner is usually a 3 course set meal by parents and followed with a bunch of fruit. Don't usually have ice cream or desert type of deserts.

I have 2 apples RIGHT now whilst on the computer. Had 4 also during the day.


Apple addiction is a terrible affliction in modern society. I hope you guys can find the strength to defend against the seductive lure of the fruit and veg class of hard drugs.

Consider yourselves lucky. Detox centres the world over are beginning to fill with peach addicts, who face a far tougher drying out period than your typical 6-a-day apple user.

you dont want to start making fruit cocktails now. next people will be trying to chase down their lemon water with an apple. it can only spell trouble